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how to replace music ??

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1. Tools you’ll need
a. DVD burner
b. Some type of mod chip or no mod swap method, If you don’t know how to do it you can find methods on the internet.
c. Approximately 5 – 10 gigs of free hard drive space.
d. Software – AFS Explorer.
e. Software – Wave Splitter
f. Software – Adxencd
g. Software – Konvertore
h. Software – Nero Burning Rom
i. Computer, obviously

2. AFS Explorer Exporting
a. Load the entire contents of the Smackdown HCTP dvd into a file on your computer hard drive. Put it in a folder you’ll remember. We’ll say “c:\hctp” for now
b. Open AFS Explorer, click on file and select “import afs file” go to c:\hctp\bgm pick any .AFS file and double click it to load. A list will pop up with a bunch of files ending in .ADX. These are the songs on the HCTP dvd. You can right click and select play from the menu to listen to any of the .ADX files. Find all the songs you want to replace. And write the file name, example: bgm180.adx along with the song it is called when playing the game, example: original 21 so there-fore you will have written, “bgm180.adx = original 21”. (You must do this to keep them organized, it can get confusing when you are dealing with 30 songs and trying to find them again). After writing down all the songs, go over your list and go back to the .AFS file that contains the .ADX file you wanna replace. Right click that .ADX file and select export. It will ask where you want to export the file to. I suggest “C:\”. Finish exporting all the .ADX files your going replace.

3. Konvertor
a. Now what you need to do is convert your .ADX files to .WAV format.
b. Open konvertor and click the audio tab above the file tree. Make sure it says, “All known Image formats” above the tabs.
c. Use the file tree to locate your .ADX files. They should be just under C:\ if you followed my suggestion.
d. Under Export choose the path where you want your new .WAV files to be created. Once again I highly suggest “C:\” now use the drop down menu to change the export file type from 8SVX to WAV
e. Double click all your .ADX files so that they appear in the lower left hand window in Konvertor.
f. Now click the big “K” icon to convert your files
4. Song length
Play each of your new .Wav files and write down the length of the song next to the each of the songs you replaced on your list.
I will list the Original songs that I’m sure every one will be replacing.
Original 1 = bgm160.adx = 30 seconds
Original 2 = bgm161.adx = 29 seconds
Original 3 = bgm162.adx = 32 seconds
Original 4 = bgm163.adx = 30 seconds
Original 5 = bgm164.adx = 30 seconds
Original 6 = bgm165.adx = 30 seconds
Original 7 = bgm166.adx = 32 seconds
Original 8 = bgm167.adx = 30 seconds
Original 9 = bgm168.adx = 30 seconds
Original 10 = bgm169.adx = 30 seconds
Oliginal 11 = bgm170.adx = 30 seconds
Original 12 = bgm171.adx = 30 seconds
Original 13 = bgm172.adx = 37 seconds
Original 14 = bgm173.adx = 35 seconds
Original 15 = bgm174.adx = 33 seconds
Original 16 = bgm175.adx = 25 seconds
Original 17 = bgm176.adx = 1min 1 second
Original 18 = bgm177.adx = 38 seconds
Original 19 = bgm178.adx = 29 seconds
Original 20 = bgm179.adx = 44 seconds
Original 21 = bgm180.adx = 36 seconds

5. Wave Splitter
a. Now that you have the song lengths of the .ADX files you want to replace you can erase all the .ADX and .WAV files you just created from your C:\ drive.
b. Now you must plan which .WAV files you want to place in your game and which of the .ADX files you be assigning it too.
c. Put all .WAV files you want to use in your C:\ drive
d. Open Wave Splitter and go to “Wav file to split”. Point to the .WAV file you need to trim. You must trim the new .WAV to the same time length as the .ADX your going to replace.
e. Point to “Save split file as” I suggest “C:\” you must also name your new file so may as well call it the same as the .ADX file your replacing, example: bgm160.wav it must end in .wav at this point.
f. Go down to Sample Selection, leave “start at” at 0 if you want the new to start from the beginning.
g. If the file your replacing is 30 seconds long then go to “End at” and type 30000 if it is 1 minute then you would type 60000 and so on and so forth.
h. Click the Go button and watch as your file is now trimmer to the specified time length.
i. Repeat steps d – h for all the songs you want to replace. Remembering to change each song to the length it needs to be.
j. Go to C:\ and check your new .WAV files and see if they are the correct name and length.

6. Nero to change .Wav quality
a. You now must change the quality of your new .WAV files to frequency 48000 and 16 bits and Stereo.
b. I did this using Nero burning ROM. There was a setting you could change in Konvertor but the output files never seemed to change even when you told them too.
c. Go to extras in Nero and select “Encode files” click the add button in the new window that pops up. Select all the trimmed .WAV files you just created then click the settings button.
d. Change the setting to 48000 16 stereo.
e. Make sure “output file format says PCM .WAV file
f. Make sure “Target file” is set to C:\
g. Click the “GO” button and watch as all your .WAV files are changed to a better quality.

7. Adxencd
a. Make sure your adxencd.exe file is at your C:\ drive with all your .WAV files (or in the same folder as your .WAV files if you didn’t follow my suggestions to put them all in C:\)
b. Go to your DOS prompt by selecting run from your start button and typing command. This is why I suggested you keep all your files at C:\ now you don’t have to type a long dir path to get to your adxencd.exe and .WAV files.
c. Make sure your at the root of C:\ if not type “cd ..” over and over until you are at the root of C:\ (If you didn’t follow my suggestions go to the folder that contains your adxencd.exe and .WAV files).
d. Type “adxencd filename.wav” and press your ENTER key. Filename stands for the name of the .WAV file your converting ie.. bgm160.wav.
e. repeat step d for all your .WAV files.
f. You will now notice that in your C:\ folder there are a bunch of files with .adx after them. Smile your almost there.

8. AFS Explorer Importing
a. Keep the .WAV files on your C:\ drive incase they are too big even after spitting them. Sometimes the file size is still to big.
b. Open AFS Explorer and import the .AFS file from the C:\hctp folder that contains the .ADX files you want to replace.
c. One by One go to the .ADX files your replacing and right click them. Select Import from the menu and a window pops up asking what you where you want to import from. Point to “C:\”where all your new created .ADX files are located select the .ADX file you want to import to overwrite the original .ADX file. (This will be easy if you named the .WAV files along time ago after the .ADX file they would eventually replace). You may be warned that the new file is too small and will be padded or something just say it is ok. If you get an error saying the file is too big then you will have to go back to the .WAV file on your C:\ and use Wave Splitter to take 1 second off the file. Then reconvert it to .ADX
d. Repeat step C. for all the .ADX files your replacing.
e. You can now test by right clicking the .ADX files you replaced and selecting play from the menu. If done correctly the song you made will play.
f. when you imported the .AFS file automatically saves it’s self with the new .ADX files you imported.

9. Nero it’s time to burn
a. I used Sony DVD-r media to make my recording but you may already have an idea what kind of media your ps2 likes.
b. Open Nero and get to the “New Compilation screen”. Change the drop down menu from CD to DVD if it is not there already.
c. Highlight DVD-Rom(ISO) I left every other setting at default.
d. Click “New”
e. The next window will have a file tree that you must point to “C:\hctp”
f. Go up to recorder and select choose recorder from the drop down menu. Select your DVD recorder from the list. Make sure the status says OK for that drive then click the “OK” button
g. Now go to the file tree and highlight every file in C:\hctp and drag them over and drop it under where it says MY_DISC. It should list your files and folders. There should be 16 in all.
h. Put a blank DVD-r disc into your DVD-r drive and go up and click the icon that looks like a match over a disc.
i. Click the burn button
j. Watch and be amazed while your new Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain Dvd is burning.

This is as far as I take you in this FAQ as far as booting your new DVD there are many ways you can do it with or without a mod-chip. Most of you probably already know how to do this. If not that’s a whole other FAQ. You can find out how by doing a little searching in google.

The tools I used are
Sound Recorder
ALL to WAVE Converter

I also have HD advance and have that all networked to my PC so I can send games from the PC to My PS2 HD

how to install games to your PS2 via LAN

I had not tried this until yesterday and have only just got it working. I had great difficulty in getting info on how to do this as most guides take you part way there and then stop.

What you will need

For this guide I will expext you to have the following:

Playststion 2 Console
HDD for the PS2
PS2 Network Adaptor
PS2 Memory Card
PS1 Game

These must all be working together and you MUST be able to run games off the HDD

The only web address you will need is [url="http://www.google.com/"]http://www.google.com/[/url] and the will to use it.

Step 1 - FTP

To start off you will need to be able to FTP to your Playstation 2.

For this part you will need to connect your PS2 HDD to your computer. You will have to open your PC case to connect the HDD. Watch the jumper setting if you connect it to a slave channel.

Now you will need to download ExexFTP 0.68 and CDGenPS2 3.0.

Extarct both of the files and run CDGenPS2.

Now drag SYSTEM.CNF from the folder you just extracted ExecFTP to into the right hand side of CDGenPS2.

Right click on the SYSTEM.CNF in CDGenPS2, select edit, check 'FIX LBA' and type '12231', then OK.

Drag CONFIG.DAT and EXECFTP.ELF into CDGenPS2, click image and save as '.iso' in your ExecFTP folder.

Download and extract hdl_dumb 0.7.3. Now install the image you just created to your localy connected PS2 HDD using this program.

Step 2 - Connecting

Connect your PS2 to your PC using a crossover network cable or hub/switch/router.

Boot your PS2 using HDLoader/HDAdvance and run your newly installed ExexFTP software. You should end up with FTP Server initialized on port 21...!

Now run FlashFXP on your PC and press F8 for Quick Connect. In the 'Server or URL' box type '' (this should be the IP of the PS2). Chose the 'toggles' tab and clear 'Use passive mode'. Now hit 'Connect'.

You should now have a FTP connection to your PS2.

Step 3 - Install the hdl dumb server

Download titleman from PS2 Independance and extract to your c:/ drive.

Open command prompt Start>Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt and type 'cd \' to get to c:/> and type 'titleman -c' to create TITLE.DB and then type 'titleman -a SLES_008.44'

SLES_008.44 should be repalced with the ID of your PS1 game. Found if you open the disk in explorer.

Go and find the TITLE.DB file on your c:/ drive and copy it. Now go to the folder you extracted hdl_dumb 0.7.3 into and select paste.

Rename the hdld_server.elf to BOOT.ELF.

Go back to FlashFXP where you should still have a connection to your PS2. In the left hand window select your hdl dumb folder. In the right hand window select 'MC > 0 > BEDATA-SYSTEM'.

Now copy BOOT.ELF & TITLE.DB from the left window to the right. Disconnect the FTP.

Step 4 - The end

Insert your chosen PS1 Game into your PS2 and restart. This should now boot to the hdl dumb server.

Re-open hdl dumb and change 'Target' to 'Networking Server, at'. The software should connect to your PS2 and be ready to install games.

Now to install/run games using the PS2 use the HDLoader disk. To install games using your networked PC use the PS1 disk.

this is worth a tryyyy

see if it workz or not than..... if it works do a game save on the psp pal ple@seeeeee thankz

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how to do this in a psp? Im working in a super save,with tna stars and new wwe and i would like to put new music and titantrons but i dont know which archives do i have to modify(it's an .iso game)

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