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The Last of a Dying Breed

Justin Credible Moveset

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Justin Credible Moveset - Created by The Prince of Perversion

Standard Actions:
Ring-In: Slide In
Ring-Out: Normal
Taunts: HBK 4, Taunt X 2, Chris Jericho 3, Cut Throat
Fighting Stance: Wrestling 1
Walking Motion: Normal
Running Motion: Normal

Strike Attacks: Snap Jab, Toe Kick 1, Shuffle Side Kick 3, Strong Right Punch, Dropkick 2, Back Chop 4

Grapple Moves:
Clean: Headlock Takeover, Snapmare 2, Arm Drag 3, DDT 14, Wrist & Arm Wrench

Dirty: Head Is Struck, Eye Rake 1, Low Blow 4, Eye Rake 2, Low Blow 3

Submission: Chin Lock, Headlock 4, Snapmare & Neck Lock 1, Arm Wrench 3, Hammer Lock

Category 1: Power: Powerbomb 6, Back Chop 7, Clothesline 18, Powerslam 4, DDT 15

Category 2: Speed: Jawbreaker 1, Arm Twist Kick, DDT 5 (The 187) , Shuffle Side Kick 4, Step Up Enziguiri

Category 3: Old School: Back Chop 6, Piledriver 2, Suplex 11, School Boy Pin 3, Fury Punch 4

Grapple Attack: Grapple Punch 1, Grapple Punch 1, Grapple Punch 4

Grapple From Behind: Hopping Sunset Flip 2, Atomic Drop, Triple H Low Kick, School Boy Roll Up, Low Blow 6, Bulldog 6, Spin Out Power Bomb, Abdominal Stretch 1, Back Suplex 5, DDT 17

Top of Cell Attack: Downward Thrust 4x

Strike Attack: Angry Stomp, Elbow Drop 1, Knee Drop 2

Grapple Moves: Slap Head & Raise, Reverse Chin Lock 1, Fury Punch 6, Stomping Combo, Kick To Head, Figure-4 Leg Lock 2

Strike Attacks: Turnbuckle Clothesline 1, Flying Forearm Smash 1, Turnbuckle Dropkick 2

Grapple Moves: Mudhole Stomping 1, Big Back Chop 1, Superplex 1, Corner Choke, Clothesline 25, Alley Oop Bomb

Grapple From Behind: Rolling Powerbomb, Turnbuckle Smash, Illegal Pin, Dropkick & School Boy Pin, Tie To Tree of Woe

Rope Opponent:
Groggy on Ropes: Choke 1

Rebound Attack: Shoulder Block 2, Dropkick To Knee 3, Vaulting Body Press 2

Diving out of Ring Attack: Baseball Slide 1

Diving Attack vs. Standing Opponent: Missle Dropkick, Diving Clothesline

Diving Attack vs. Downed Opponent: Diving Elbow, Near Knee Drop, Near Elbow Drop

Running Strikes: Clothesline 7, Flying Forearm Smash 2

Running Grapple: DDT 5 (The 187), Neckbreaker Drop

Rear Techniques: Bulldog 2, School Boy Pin 2

Running Ground Attack: Dropkick To Knee 3, Elbow Drop 5

Counter: Drop to Hold, Back Body Drop 1, Sleeper Hold 5

Tag Team:
Standing Tag Team: X-Mark, Double Clothesline, Double Beat Head, Dropkick & Rolling Clutch, Double Suplex

Turnbuckle Tag Team: Double Stomping, Kick To Gut 1, Spike Piledriver, Double Arm Whip, Whip & Lay Down

Finishers: Tombstone Piledriver 2 (That’s Incredible!), Steven Kick (X Marks the Spot Superkick)

Signature Moves: DDT 5 (The 187), Jawbreaker 1, Alley Oop Bomb

Chair Finishers: DDT 23, DDT 23

Combination Moves: Benoit Punches, Benoit Punches, Strong Right Punch.

Next up Roadkill!!

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