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Mr. Kennedy moveset overhaul

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And update of my old Kennedy set.

Standard Actions
Ring in -- Outlaw
Ring out -- Quick
Taunts -- Taunt El 2/ Cut Throat / Raise Arm 5 (this actually just substitutes Kennedy getting in people's face with his mic & going "Ken-ed-dyyyyy") / RVD 3 (dig me)
Fighting stance -- Wrestling 1
Walking & Running are Normal

Strike attacks
Triple H Punches 3 or Strong Right Punch / Toe Kick 1 / Haymaker / Elbow smash 1 / Knee attack 2 / Back chop 4

Clean Grapple
Body Knee Strike / DDT 8 / Snapmare 2 / Arm Wringer flip / Headlock 1

Dirty Grapple
Eye poke 2 / Reverse Atomic Drop / Head is struck / Head Pound / Suplex Pin 1

Submission grapple
Bear Hug 2 / Abdominal Stretch 3 / Headlock 4 / Chin lock / Arm Wrench 3 or Armbar 5

<Category 1> Power <Moves 1> Power
Shoulder Thrust 1 / Full Nelson Slam 1 / Scoop slam 2 / Backbreaker 8 (his modified backbreaker) / Side slam 2

<Category 2> Speed <Moves 2> Speed
Dragon Whip 2 (substitutes the 360 kick, which spins the other way) / Kitchen Sink 2 / Free Fall Drop / Jumping Axe Handle / Clothesline 24 or Colthesline 21 if you don't want the showboating

Two Options:
<Category 3> Old school <Moves 3> Old school
Back Chop 6 / Sidebuster 2 / Scoop slam 5 / Wrist clutch & Elbow / Suplex 11


<Category 3> Brawler <Moves 3> Brawler
Fury Punch 4 / Back Club / Elbow to Back of Head 1 / Mat Slam / Outlaw Stomp

Grapple attack
Grapple Punch 2 / Grapple Body attack 1 / Grapple Elbow Strike 2 or 3

Grapple from Behind
Forearm smash / Turn Facing front / Russian Leg Sweep 2 / Elbow to Back of head 2 / Chop Block || Abdominal Stretch 1 or Sleeper Hold 3 / School boy roll up Pin / Back Suplex 6 / Knee Breaker 2 / High Angle Backbreaker

Ground attacks
Rock Stomp / Double Knee Drop or Jumping Elbow Drop / Elbow drop 1

Ground grapple moves
Sleeper hold 6 / Fury punch 6 / Face stretch 2 or Choke 2 || Single Leg Crab 4 / Stomping Combo / Kick to Groin or Punch to Groin

Corner attacks
Turnbuckle clothesline 1 / Running shoulder attack 1 / Knee attack 1

Corner grapple moves
Dirty Punch / Hangman chokehold 2 / Knee Strike 3 / Clothesline 25 / Shoulder Thrusts 2 or Foot Choke 1 || Mudhole Stomping 2

Corner grapple from Behind
Turnbuckle Smash / Illegal pin / Toss into Ring Post / Snake Eyes / Forearm To Back

Rope - Groggy on Ropes
Drop Out or Knee Drop 3

Rope - Rebound attacks
Kitchen Sink 1 / Running leg drop / Vaulting Body Press 2

Rope - Diving out of Ring Attack
Baseball Slide 1

Diving vs. Standing opponent
Diving clothesline / Double axe handle 3

Diving vs. downed opponent
Diving Elbow Drop / Near Elbow Drop / Diving Elbow

Clothesline 9 / Shoulder Block 2

Dash - Running Grapple
Reverse Mat Slam / Neckbreaker 1

Dash - Rear Techniques
Bulldog 5 / Triple H Low kick

Dash - Running Ground attack
Double Axe Handle 5 / Elbow drop 5

Dash - Counter Attack
Scrapbuster (substitutes swinging sideslam) or Hip Toss 4 / Powerslam 1, or Powerslam Pin pin 2 / Belly to Belly 3

Tag Team standing

Tag Team corner
?? I used...
Facebuster 1 / Double stomping / Hip toss 3/ Front slam / Kick to Gut 1

Special - Finishers
Steam Roller (standing Green Bay Plunge... this makes sense, since it's the same kind of move, and the Green Bay Plunge was inspired by the Regal Roll)

**You pick whatever you want......... Swanton Bomb 2 or 1 (Kenton Bomb), Sidewalk Slam 2 (for the Sidewinder, instead of substituting it, even though it's not a finisher for him), Super Last Call//Super Choke Slam//whatever (if you wanna have a Green Bay Plinge sub.)

Special - favorites
Scrapbuster, ... OR Kitchen sink 1 if you use Sidewalk Slam 2 as his alternate finisher
Toss into Ring post
High Angle Backbreaker

Chair Finishers
DDT 23
Guillotine 2 or DDT 23.. meh

Combination Attack
1st -- Punch to Head
2nd -- Outlaw punches 1 *reversed
3rd -- Strong right punch

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Wow, I was just going to look for an updated Kennedy moveset. Nice one. Oh, and I'd go with one of the Senton Bombs, as I've read somewhere in spoilers that he used it to finish his return match with S2H. But, we'll see which one looks best.

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Yeah, that's what I've been using. I've been alternating between using a hip toss in the running counter, and the actual sidewinder move in a finisher slot (OVW, and SD! match with Rey), and using the Scrapbuster in the running counter to substitute the sidewinder while having Swanton Bomb in a finisher slot. In the previous game, you could get the Sidewalk Slam 2 in a normal grapple slot. Oh well.

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I thought the "Gunn Slinger" was in some normal grapple this game too, guess not. Well, I'm sure you'll be updating this from his return match.

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The GunnStinger is a normal grapple move.
I'm sure of it, I use it for Helms' GunnStinger backbreaker.

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Not clean O_O
Um, Not sure.. Playing DOR2 at the moment.
Perhaps I'm wrong but I could have sworn I added it to Helms last week

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ur thinking DOR. The sideslam is placed in the finisher section only now. Also if i remeber, he only did it once to Rey and same goes for that backbreaker. Sum other stuff too, but I dont want to be to critical since I got one coming soon too.

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Ahh, playing DOR 2 I see. Always a good decision. Hmm, come to think of it, the Sidewinder is about the only move I can think of that's not in DOR 2. Now that game has a lot of finishers. I don't think there's any indy wrestler you can't make a good moveset for to some degree. Too bad the # of moves is so limited. But all the splashes look better, and the rope topes as well. Gotta love that game.

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Shame the CAW mode sucks in it.
I don't play it often, I just like a change from SD every so often + I like the fact that Angle takes down his straps on the GameCube games.
had enough of it now after 3 matches >_<

*switches off*

Anyway, Its finisher only now?
Was I dreaming giving it to Helms?
Wait A minute, that sounds wrong.

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As of now, I like the non-connecting Swanton, the "Crane stance" looking gesture for the Senton/Seanton Bomb doesn't suit Ken in my opinion. But I'll be looking for the move tonight on SD!, and I'll make my decision then.

And speaking of Sean O'Haire, I'm diagnosing a case of Sean O'Haire Syndrome for Ken Kennedy's Sidewinder, as Tatanka's now using it as his special (Laikia? Ikea? whatever he calls it, it means Thunder). So, I'm getting rid of the Scrapbuster too.

Edit: BREAKING NEWS! I read somewhere that Ken Kennedy is calling his finisher the JFK (Just Finished by Kennedy), don't know if it's a official, it's kinda awkward, but hey, it's a name.

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