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Standard Actions:
Ring-In: Slide in
Ring-Out: normal
Wake Up 2
Moon Walk 2(his moonwalk)
Charlie Haas 1
S2H 02(for one of their weird taunts)
Fighting Stance: wrestling 1
Walking Motion: normal
Running Motion: normal

Strike Attacks:
dropkick 2
toe kick 1
Benoit Punches
Spinning To Face(this is also good for his kick but i'll use it just for a quick version of it)
Elbow Smash 2
jericho toekick

Grapple Moves:

triple H Choke
Low Blow 5
suplex pin 1
Eye Rake 2
Eye Rake 1

hammer lock
Chin lock
arm wrench 1
snapmare & neck lock 1
face lock 2

Moves 1 (Speed)
Jawbreaker 1
Kitchen sink 2
Neckbreaker 10
suplex 12
Knee strike 2

Moves 2 (Brawler):
mat slam
outlaw stomp 1
elbow to back of head 1
fury punch 5
undertaker knee strike

Moves 3 (old school)
Backbreaker 1
Hurracanrana 8
Headlock 1
back chop 6
DDT 24

Grapple Attack:
Grapple Punch 1
elbow strike 1
elbow strike 1

Grapple from behind:
low blow 6
Sleeper hold 4
Backsuplex 6
Bow & Arrow 4
russian legsweep 2
Turning Face Front
Hopping Sunset Flip 2
Triple H low Kick
Chop Block
Elbow To back of head 2

Strike Attacks:
angry stomp
elbow drop 1
Double Kneedrop

Grapple Moves:
abdominal stretch 2
choke 2
Mounted Punching 4

clover leaf(used this OVW but for you smart fans who are never happy, use kick to head)
Stomp on leg
Single leg crab 1

Strike Attacks:
On The Top Rope
turnbuckle clostheline 1
Turnbuckle Dropkick 2

Grapple Moves:
Back Elbow Strike
big back chop 1
Knee Strike 3
superplex 1(used in OVW but if ur unhappy use choke)
Dirty Punch
mudhole stomping

Grapple from Behind:
toss into ring post
illegal pin
forearm to back
turnbuckle smash
super back suplex(again used in OVW but another replacement is dropkick & pin)

Groggy on ropes:
Knee drop 3

Rebound Attack:
Kitchen Sink
Lionsault(i'm sick of saying this but used in OVW but a replacement would be elbow 5
vaulting body press 2

Diving out of ring attack:
Rope Flip 2(used before in OVW)

Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp.:
Double Axe Handle 3
Diving Cross body pin 2

Diving Attack vs. Downed Opp.:
diving moonsault 1
diving elbow
near elbow

Running Strikes:
clothesline 10
spinning wheel kick 2(its a good replacement for his kick but it cant be a finisher, plus he doesnt always pin of of it)

Running Grapple:
head pound
Neckbreaker 1

Rear Techniques:
school boy pin 2
School boy pin 2

Running ground attack:
double axe handle 5
elbow drop 5

Counter Attack:
sleeper 5
hip toss 1
drop to hold

Dragon Whip 2(best i could find for his Johnny Go-Round)
Diving Side Kick(for his top rope kick) or Stevie kick(super kick)

Signature Moves:
u decide

Chair Finishers:
Combination Attack:
quick jabs(this is by memory but i saw him do this before and then moonwalk (2x)
clostheline 3


-Standard Actions-
Ring In- flip in
Ring Out- normal
Taunts- charlie haas 1, s2h 1, orton 1, s2h 2
Fighting Stance- wrestling 2
Walking Motion- normal
Running Motion- normal

Strike Attacks- dropkick 1, toe kick 1, backchop 4, dupree punch combo(for his OVW punch combo),
clothesline 1, elbow smash 1

Grapple Moves
clean- body knee strike, snapmare 2, headlock takeover, backchop 6, ddt
14,(i used clean so u can use his other moves)

submission- hammerlock, snapmare n necklock 2, headlock 4, arm wrench
arm wrench 1

oldschool- suplex 11, arm drag 8, backhand blow 2, european uppercut,
scoop slam 5

technical- leg trip 2, gutwrench suplex, gutbuster 2, ddt 10,
clothesline 22,

speed- knee strike, suplex 12, arm whip, scoop slam n knee, float over

grapple attack- grapple elbow strike 1 x3

Grapple from behind- back suplex 5, back side slam 2, turning face
front, bow n arrow 4,
backslide pin, forearm smash, hopping sunset flip 2, turning face
front, head smasher, knee breaker

Top of Cell Attacks- downward thrust x4


strike attacks- angry stomp, elbow drop 1, jumping elbow drop

grapple moves- choke 2, arm lock 3, bow n arrow 3, elbow drop combo(his tauting elbow),
stomp on leg, leg lock 7


strikes-on the top rope, turnbuckle clothesline 1, knee attack 1

grapples- back elbow strike, big back chop 1, knee strike 3, foot choke
1, clothesline 25, foot
choke 2

grapple from behind- neckbreaker 13, illegal pin, toss into ring post,
turnbuckles smash,
forearm to back


groggy on ropes- dropkick 8

rebound attack-shoulder block 2, elbow drop 5, vaulting body press 2

diving out of ring attack- dive through ropes


standing- double axe handle 3, flying clothesline 2(springboard clothesline)

down- the money shot pin, diving elbow drop, near elbow drop


running strikes- flying forearm smash 2, dash elbow

running grapples- reverse mat slam, school boy pin 1

rear techniques- school boy pin 2, chop block

running ground attack- double ake handle 5, elbow drop 5

counter attack- hip toss 1, back body drop 1, flapjack 3

-Tag Team-

standing- double ddt, dropkick n rolling clutch, double suplex, double
clothesline, double dropkick

corner- moonsault combo, death drop 3, spine n neckbreaker, body splash (just sum replacement moves )
n whip


finishers- diving leg drop, neckbreaker 10(RK-Doane)

chair finishers- ddt 23 x2

combo attack- punch to head, punch to gut, dropkick 1

[b]credit to: Mccc301/The Ricasho

if u have the other members plz post on a new topic or add it to this one[/b]

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