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Abyss Moveset

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Credit to EvolutionIV for a list of moves

Standard Actions:
Ring In: Triple H
Ring Out: Over the Rope
Taunts: Taunt Powerful 3, Kane 2 , Batista 1, Andre the Giant
Fighting Stance: Powerful
Walking Motion: Normal
Running Motion: Normal

Strike Attacks:
Big Boot 1
Toe Kick 1
Slap 2 (Open Hand Chop)
Clothesline 3
Undertaker Punches 2
Elbow Smash 1

Grapple Moves:
Body Knee Strike
Neckbreaker 15
Suplex 11
Scoop Slam 5

Dirty :
Triple H Choke
Low Blow 5
Low Blow 4
Head Pound
Eye Rake 1

Arm Wrench 1
Bear Hug 2
Snapmare & Neck Lock 2
Hangman Chokehold 1
Headlock 4

Moves 1: Power
Powerbomb 13
Side Slam 2
Chokeslam 4
Scoop Slam 4
Body Press Drop FW

Moves 2: Power
Powerful Knee Strike 1
Clothesline 22
Choke Toss
Backbreaker 10 or Shoulderbreaker
Chokeslam 3 (The Death Penalty)

Moves 3: Brawler
Mat Slam
Back Club
Choke 3
Undertaker Knee Strike
Undertaker Strikes

Grapple Attack:
Grapple Elbow Strike 1
Grapple Body Attack 1
Grapple Punch 1

Grapple From Behind:
Sleeper Hold 3
Elbow to Back of Head 2
Triple H Low Kick
Headbutt 4
Sidewalk Slam 5
Pumphandle Slam
Back Suplex 5
Russian Leg Sweep 2
Head Smasher
Forearm Smash

Strike Attack:
Undertaker Stomp
Leg Drop 2
Double Axe Handle 4

Grapple Moves:
Finishing Leg Drop
Mounted Punches 2
Reverse Chin Lock 2
Stomping Combo
Leg Lock 7
Elbow Drop Combo

Strike Attacks:
Turnbuckle Body Attack (Elephant Charge)
Turnbuckle Clothesline 2
Knee Attack 1

Grapple Moves:
Corner Choke
Back Elbow strike
The Biggest Chop (Open Hand Chop)
Super Choke Slam
Military Drop
Mudhole Stomping 2

Graplle from Back:
Toss into Ring Post
Forearm to Back
Snake Eyes
Turnbuckle Smash
Super Tornado Bomb

Groggy on ropes:
Big Slap (Open Hand Chop)

Rebound Attack:
Clothesline 11
Running Leg Drop
Vaulting Body Press 2

Diving out of Ring Attack:
Baseball Slide 1

Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp.:
Flying Clothesline 2
Double Axe Handle 3

Diving Attack vs. Downed Opp.:
Diving Elbow Drop
Near Elbow Drop
The Money Shot Pin

Running Strikes:
Clothesline 7
Shoulder Block 1

Running Grapple:
Reverse Mat Slam
Spear 2

Rear Techniques:
Triple H Low Kick
School Boy Pin 2

Running Ground Attack:
Running Leg Drop
Double Axe Handle 5

Counter Attack:
Scrapbuster (Black Hole Slam)
Free Fall Drop
Flapjack 3 (Body Press Flapjack)

Tag Team
Standing Tag team:
Double Beat Head
Double Flapjack
Double Suplex
Double Clothesline
Double DDT

Corner Tag Team:
Kick To Gut 1
Whip & Lay Down
Double Stomping
Double Chokeslam
Body Splash & Whip

Scrapbuster Pin (Black Hole Slam)
Neckbreaker 5 or Back & Neckbreaker 2 (The Shock Treatment)

Scrapbuster (Black Hole Slam)
Reverse Chin Lock 2
Neckbreaker 5 or Back & Neckbreaker 2 (The Shock Treatment)

Chair Finisher:
DDT 23
Guillotine 2

Combination Attack:
Body Punch
Undertaker Punches 1
Triple H Punches 3

please rate and give suggestions

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In a bit of a hurry but from what I can see it looks.
Not sure on the Bulldog though
I'll post better comments when I'm not so busy.


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I'd rather have the Train Wreck as the Shock Treatment. The two moves you chose focus on the neck, and aren't really backbreakers. If anything, I'd say Train Wreck or the Fisherman Suplex, or even Gutbuster 3. I'll critique more later.

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Back & Neckbreaker 2 is better than the Trainwreck imo
Its actually across his back like a Torture rack rather than a gutwrench.

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I'd just rather have the Train Wreck because he kneels, which is closer to the sitout, and he doesn't spin them into a neckbreaker. But if you're more concerned with the Torture Rack, either use those two neckbreakers, or the Fisherman Suplex (no pin). At least they sell the back in that one, and it's got the Argentine backbreaker hold.

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^ Indeed. I use Fisherman Suplex, Neckbreaker 5 is a decent alternative too.

It's a pretty good Abyss set, but change Diving Elbow Drop to Near, and then put Near Body Press for the Down + O diving move.

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Moves 2: Power
Back Suplex 7 ==> Backbreaker 10 or Shoulderbreaker

Grapple From Behind:
Bulldog 2 ==> Headbutt 4

Rear Technique:
Bulldog 2 ==> Triple H Low Kick
Bulldog 2 ==> Scool Boy Pin 2

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