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John Cena (Old School Heel Movelist)

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This movelist is based on John Cena back when he used to be a heel and actually showed his wrestling skill.
I watched all of his Word Life DVD, analyzed the matches on it, and got the moves he did from there.
So basically this is just based on 5 matches and I pretty much filled up the whole movelist with that, and there may only be a few fillers, and this may not be realistically percentaged by how many times he did the moves, but it still looks fine to me
and I just want to say: if you don't have the Word Life DVD and you're not a Cena fan because you think he's not a very good wrestler, well, he used to be, but now the WWE has limited his moves, so you need to buy the DVD to see his wrestling skill and his funny raps/ rap battles

Copy From Superstar: John Cena: Standing (this should give you better grapples)

+ Standard Actions

Ring In: Slide In

Ring Out: Roll Down

Taunts: John Cena 5/ John Cena 3/ John Cena 5/ John Cena 3

Fighting Stance: Wrestling 1

Walking Motion: Normal

Running Motion: Normal

+ Standing

Strike Attacks: Cena Punch 1/ Kick To Gut 2/ Cena Punch 1/ Toe Kick 1/ Cena Punch 1/ Cena Punch 2

Grapple Moves:

--- Clean: (Don't worry about it since he was heel at the time)
--- Dirty: Eye Rake 1/ Low Blow 3/ Low Blow 4/ Low Blow 3/ Eye Rake 1
--- Submission: Face Lock 2/ Ground Headlock/ Cena Underhook/ Bear Hug 2/ Headlock 4
--- Category 1: Brawler
--- Moves 1: Fury Punch 4/ Undertaker Knee Strike/ Back Club/ Headbutt 5/ Big Punch 2
--- Category 2: Old School
--- Moves 2: Fury Punch 4/ DDT 24/ Snapmare 2/ Backhand Blow 2/ Coconuts Crush
--- Category 3: Power
--- Moves 3: Powerful Knee Strike 1/ DDT 15/ Powerbomb 2/ Suplex 3/ Clothesline 20
--- Grapple Attack: Grapple Elbow Strike 1/ Grapple Elbow Strike 1/ Grapple Elbow Strike 1

Grapple From Behind: Spin Out Powerbomb/ Elbow To Back Of Head 2/ Back Suplex 5/ Sleeper Hold & Scissors 1/ Low Blow 6

Groggy Grapple From Behind: School Boy Pin 2/ Throw Back/ Turning Face Front/ Forearm Smash/ Hopping Sunset Flip 2

Top of Cell Attack: Downward Thrusts/ Downward Thrusts/ Downward Thrusts/ Downward Thrusts

+ Ground

Strike Attack: Angry Stomp/ Angry Stomp/ Elbow Drop 1

Grapple Moves: Sleeper Hold 7/ Choke 2/ Mounted Punching 4/ Kick To Back/ Kick To Head/ Running Kick

+ Corner

Strike Attacks: Turnbuckle Clothesline 1/ Turnbuckle Clothesline 1/ Knee Attack 1

Grapple Moves: Back Elbow Strike/ Shoulder Thrust 2/ Dirty Punch/ Corner Choke/ Turnbuckle Powerbomb/ Stomping Mudhole

Grapple from behind: Turnbuckle Smash/ Toss Into Ring Post/ Forearm To Back/ Illegal Pin/ Super Tornado Bomb

+ Rope

Groggy on ropes: Stomping To Knee

Rebound Attack: Clothesline 10/ Double Axe Handle 5/ Vaulting Body Press 2

Diving out of ring attack: Baseball Slide 1

+ Diving

Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp.: Double Axe Handle 3/ Double Axe Handle 3

Diving Attack vs. Downed Opp.: Near Leg Drop/ Near Leg Drop/ Near Leg Drop

+ Dash

Running Strikes: Elbow Attack 4/ Shoulder Block 2

Running Grapple: Victory Roll Pin 1/ School Boy Pin 1

Rear Techniques: Throw Back/ School Boy Pin 2

Running ground Attack: Double Axe Handle 5/ Double Axe Handle 5

Counter Attack: Spinebuster 2/ Free Fall Drop/ Back Body Drop 1

+ Tag Team

Standing Tag Team:

Corner Tag Team:

+ Special

Finishers: F-U 2/ F-U 1

Signature Moves: Near Leg Drop/ Spin Out Powerbomb/ Throw Back

Chair Finisher: DDT 23/ DDT 23

Combination Attack: Benoit Punches/ Benoit Punches/ Dropkick To Knee 2

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he didn't use that at all on the DVD, and from what I remember he never used that as a finisher either, he used the Spin Out Powerbomb (Protobomb) as a finisher if that's what you mean

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Spinning Fisherman(Protoplex) - He used it on OVW & UPW
Protobomb/Killswitch - His other finisher in OVW & Early WWE.

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I recommend Reverse Mat Slam in running grapple instead of the Victory Roll Pin 1, and for Groggy On The Ropes ya gotta go with Throw To The Rope.

Add Cena Punch 2 to his attacks instead of two Cena Punch 1's, and Toe Kick to instead of two Kick To Gut's.

Another move that belongs somewhere (maybe change Hopping Sunset Flip to School Poy Pin 2) is the Bulldog 3, his alternative to the Throwback. I say put that in where the Running Rear Technique schoolboy is.

Also, I say put in Powerslam 1 instead of Free Fall Drop.

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the only thing he used out of those suggestions was the Toe Kick 1 and I might as well add Cena Punch 2 since he did the U Can't See Me taunt and Cena Punch 1, which means I could combine them into Cena Punch 2, so when I get the chance I'll redo the Strike Category and those 2 things, and I might change the Combo Moves also

and out of the suggestions you gave me, he has actually done all of them which you are telling me to change (none of those were fillers btw), and thanks for the feedback/suggestions as they are always appreciated even though a lot of times I don't take them into consideration, lol

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