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'Too Cool'/TNA Update, TNA Star Fined, Shamrock/TNA

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[quote]TNA talent relations manager Terry Taylor is trying to make a deal with former WWE stars Rikishi and Brian Christopher to have them come in as a tag team. They wouldn't be able to use the 'Too Cool' name obviously, but they are being talked with to reunite Too Cool. Rikishi's money demands had been to high but it looks like that aspect has been worked out.

After Scott Steiner went down with an injury in June, TNA called Ken Shamrock at the last minute to replace him at the Slammiversary pay-per-view. We're told he came very close to accepting the deal. Road Warrior Animal ended up taking his place and ruffled some feathers.

Homicide was fined by TNA for a post he did on his MySpace page. TNA officials weren't happy with him writing in support of Konnan, who they consider to be a major enemy now. The post has since been removed.[/quote]

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