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SmackDown!: Shut Your Mouth Finisher List

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[center][b]WWE [color="#3333FF"]SmackDown![/color]: Shut Your Mouth Finisher List
Created by: [color="#FF0000"]hulk[/color][color="#FFFF00"]hogan[/color][color="#FF0000"]fan[/b][/color][/center]

NOTE: The list is in alphabetical order to the game, I just replaced some of the wrestler's names with there current ring name.

[color="#3333FF"][b]In-Game Wrestlers[/b][/color]

Al Snow: Snowplow, Sleeper with Scissors OR Diving Moonsault Pin
Giant Bernard (Albert): Baldo Bomb, F-Five OR Rikishi Driver (Bernard Driver)
Big Show: Show Stopper, Chokeslam 1 (Alt. Show Stopper) OR Final Cut
Val Venis (The Big Valbowski): Reverse Leg Lock 2 (Venis Fly Trap), The Money Shot Pin
Kip James (Billy): One and Only, Fameasser
Billy Kidman: Shooting Star Press 2, Unprettier (Kid Krusher)
Booker T: Booker T Special, Book End
JBL (Bradshaw): Clothesline from Hell 2, Jackknife Powerbomb 2
Brock Lesnar: F-Five (The Verdict) x2
Brother Ray (Bubba Ray Dudley): Bubba Cutter (Brother Cutter), Bubba Bomb
Chris Benoit: Crossface (Crippler Crossface). Sharpshooter OR Diving Headbutt 2
"Y2J" Chris Jericho: Walls of Jericho 2, Lionsault Pin OR Roundhouse Dropkick
Christian Cage: Unprettier, Reverse Tornado DDT (CCT) OR Frog Splash Pin 1/2/3
Chuck Pulumbo: Super Kick 2 (International Business Organization Kick), Torture Rack
Diamond Dallas Page: Diamond Cutter 2, Spiral Bomb (Diamond Dream)
Brother D-Von: Saving Grace, D-Von Neck Breaker
Eddie Guerrero: Frog splash Pin 3, El Paso
Edge: Edgecution 1/2, The Gore
Faarooq: Dominator, Bearhug Front Slam
Goldust: Curtian Call, Saving Grace (Curtian Call)
Harcore Holly: The Alabama Slam, Full Nelson Slam
Hollywood Hulk Hogan: Atomic Leg Drop 1, Atomic Leg Drop 2
Gregory Helms (Hurricane): Flash Magic 3/7/10 (Shining Whizard), Eye of the Hurricane (Nightmare on Helms Street)
Jeff Hardy: Swanton Bomb, Jeff Twist of Fate
Kane: Kane Chokeslam (Chokeslam from Hell), Kane Powerbomb Pin OR Chokeslam 3 (Chokeslam from Hell)
Kevin Nash: Jackknife, Test Big Boot
Kurt Angle: Angle Lock 2, Angle Slam 2
Lance Storm: Super Kick 2 (Canadian Jawcracker), Single Leg Crab 2 (Canadian Maple Leaf)
Mark Henry: Falling Powerslam 2 (World's Strongest Slam), Big Splash Pin OR Bearhug 2
Matt Hardy: Matt Twist of Fate, Jeff Twist of Fate
Maven: Kurt Diving Moonsault, Tornado DDT (Halo DDT)
Randy Orton: Diamond Cutter 1 (RKO), Diamond Cutter 2 (RKO) OR Overdrive (O-Zone)
Raven: Raven Effect (Evenflow DDT) x2
Rhino: The Gore, Piledriver (Rhino Driver)
Ric Flair: Figure-4 Leg Lock 3 x2
Rico: Rico Spinning Kick, Emerald Fusion 2 (Rico Driver)
Kishi (Rikishi): BANZAI Drop 2 (Rump Shaker), Rikishi Driver
RVD: Five-Star Frog Splash x2
Dwane "The Rock" Johnson: The People's Elbow, The Rock Bottom
Scotty 2 Hotty: The Worm x2
"HBK" Shawn Michaels: Sweet Chin Music, Diving Elbow Drop Pin 2
Shawn Stasiak: Testdrive (The Blast Off), Reverse DDT (Meat Grinder) OR Fisherman Suplex Pin (Perfect Plex)
Brother Runt (Spike Dudley): Dudley Dog, Jumping Tornado DDT
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: Stone Cold Stunner 3, Stone Cold Stunner 2
Tajiri: Buzzasaw Kick x2
Tazz: Ground Tazzmission, Back Tazzmission 2
Test: Test Big Boot, Testdrive
"King of Kings" HHH: Pedigree 2, Pedigree 1
Undertaker [Biker]: The Last Ride, Undertaker Chokeslam 1
Undertaker [Now]: Tombestone Piledriver 1, The Last Ride
Vince McMahon: [any 2] Stunner (MacStunner), Finishing Punch, Atomic Leg Drop 2
William Regal: Power of the Punch, The Regal Stretch
Shawn Waltman (X-Pac): X-Factor, Edge O'matic 2 (Inverted X-Factor)


Ivory: Samoan Driver, X-Factor (Poison Ivory)
Jazz: Fisherman DDT, STF
Lita: Raven Effect (Lita DDT), Matt Twist of Fate OR Lita Diving Moonsault
Molly Holly: Molly Go Round Pin, Double Wrist Suplex Pin (Twin City Twister)
Stacy Keibler: Rico Spinning Kick, Woman's Special Slap
Stephanie McMahon: Pedigree 1, Woman's Special Slap
Torrie Wilson: X-Factor (Nosejob). DDT 1/2 OR Jumping Tornado DDT
Trish Stratus: Struatusfear, Stratusfaction


Beth Pheonix: Samoan Driver, Michinoku Driver (Down In Flames)
Brian Kendrick: Ninja (Sliced Bread #2), Downward Spiral
Carlito: Testdrive, Overdrive (Cool Breaker)
*Charlie Haas: Reverse Leg Lock 2 (Closest thing to the Haas of Pain), ?
Chavo Guerrero: Brainbuster DDT, Frog Splash Pin 3
Danny Basham: Reverse DDT, Baldo Bomb OR Spiral Bomb (Brain Damage)
Eugene: [any 2] Stunner, The Rock Bottom OR Book End, The People's Elbow, Atomic Leg Drop 2
Finlay: Emerald Fusion 3, Tombstone Piledriver 1
Harry Smith: Brainbuster DDT, Oklahoma Slam 1/2
Jamie Noble: Sleeper With Scissors, Reverse Leg Lock 2 (Trailer Hitch)
John Cena: Death Valley Driver 1/2 (F-U) x2
Kid Kash: [any 2] Brainbuster DDT (Dead Level), Lionsault Pin, Mexican Stretch Buster (Money Maker), Walls of Jericho 2 (Kash On Delivery)
Lance Cade: Clothesline from Hell 2, Diving Elbow Drop Pin 2
Lashley: Dominator, The Gore
Matt Striker: Overdrive x2
Mick Foley: Mandible Claw, Double Arm DDT
Nunzio: Stratusfaction (Arrivederci), Fameasser (Sicilian Dropper) OR Unprettier (Kiss Of Death)
Paul London: The 450 Pin, Roundhouse Dropkick OR Raven Effect
Psicosis: Diving Leg Drop (Psycho Guillotine), Stunner (Psycho Stunner)
Road Warrior Animal: Power of the Punch, Oklahoma Slam 1/2
Rene Dupree: Michinoku Driver (Dupree Bomb), Death Valley Driver 2 (Lorie Valley Driver)
Rey Mysterio: West Coast Pop (The 619) x2
Shane McMahon: Brother Combination (Shane-O-Shuffle), Diving Elbow Drop Pin 2 (Leap of Faith)
*Shelton Benjamin: T-Bone Suplex ?. Super Kick 2 (Benjamin Frostkick)
Snitsky: Pumphandle Slam 2 (Egoist Schwein), Test Big Boot
Steven Richards: Double Arm DDT (Stevie-T), Super kick 2 (Steven Kick)
Spirit Squad:[list]
[*]Johnny: Super Kick 2, Lionsault Pin
[*]Kenny: Diving Leg Drop, Diamond Cutter 1 (RK-Doane)
[*]Mikey: Razor's Edge x2
[*]Mitch: ?
[*]Nicky: ?
[/list]Super Crazy: Diving Moonsault Pin, Lionsault Pin (Crazy Special)
Sylvan: Brainbuster DDT (3 Seconds of Fame), DDT 2 (Showoff)
Trevor Murdoch: Sky High, DDT 2 OR Downward Spiral
Viscera: Baldo Bomb (Embalmer), Big Splash Pin (VD - Viscera Drop)
Yito: Double Arm DDT (Code of Silence), Edgecution 2 (Paisan Plant)

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