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NHW: No Holds Wrestling *CANCELLED*

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This is NHW: No Holds Wrestling. Choose a wrestler on SVR07, and I will simulate matches with them.

Wrestlers chosen so far (Blue- superstar, Pink- Diva):
[color="blue"]Kane - *.:(The Game):.*
Undertaker - Nobody's Suicidal Bitch
Johnny Nitro - CenaRox25
Goldberg - Brain Fart 101
Dan Dyger - Me
Randy Orton - Haku-San
Edge - TorrieLicious
John Cena - Rainey.V3
Kurt Angle - The Human Suplex Machine
Shawn Michaels - azza67890[/color]
[color="pink"]Jillian Hall - Diva619[/color]
[color="blue"]Rey Mysterio - 619 Rey 619
Gregory Helms - .Helms
Brock Lesnar - WWE_HBK896
Chris Jericho - (-Michaels is God-)[/color]
[color="#0000ff"]Triple H - Crack 'Em In The Mouth
Batista - Drake151
The Boogeyman - Mr. Caws.Ws
Mr. Kennedy - NightStalkerX
Joey Mercury - *Alarm
Chris Masters - Vendetta[/color]
[color="Pink"]Melina - Vixen[/color]
[color="#0000ff"]Carlito - Gorsmo
Umaga - Cheesy Bacon
Lashley - Rated R k.a.z.e.
Mark Henry - BigJon 2.0
Paul Burchill - I AM HiP AND DOWN WITH IT
Sting - Rated_R_DX
Steve Austin - ~{.::SSX::.}~
Shelton Benjamin - The Next
The Rock - BYOB
Chavo Guerrero - -Replay-
Bret Hart - .Generation
Daivari - Swanton Bomb Rule
Sabu - BloodyCat

NHW Title: Kane
World Title: Dan Dyger
World Tag Champions: RVD and Booker T
WWE Tag Titles - Rated RKO
IC Title - Triple H
US Title - VACANT (Contender will face off against current in-game champion)
Women's Title - Jillian Hall
Hardcore Title - Mr. Kennedy

The Milion Dollar and Smoking Skull titles will not be used.

You may choose any superstar/Diva in the game.
CAWs available for usage:
Brock Lesnar
Chris Jericho
Don Dyger (original, finishers Untrettier and Vertebreaker)
Darren dyger (original, finishers 99 crusher and rear naked choke, Cruiserweight)

No immediate title shots
The opponent, if played by another member, must accept a match before it is made.
You can roleplay to play off what you want to do, but this is **NOT** an RPG.
All matches are no DQ.
No dead wrestlers allowed (No Eddie, Benoit, Bam Bam, etc.)
You must have permission to attack another person.
No RPing as another person.
No Killing
No Raping
No sexual talk

NOTES: I am NOT making any CAWs just for this. Which means no Jeff Hardy. PERIOD.
Also, You can be released.


'Mania: Don't Look Back
Backlash: Beginning of the End
Judgement Day: Winner Take All
ONS: Revelations lead to Revolutions
Vengeance: The End of Days
Give me suggestions for the others.

SD: Friday Night
RAW: NHW Monday Night


NHW Chairman: Myself
NHW Commisioner: Nobody's Suicidal Bitch
NHW Monday Night GM: *.:(The Game):.*
Friday Night Greed GM: CenaRox25
NHW Director of GFX: Rated R. K.a.z.e.
If they become like Triple H (having too much power), I'll sack them. I have other candidates. but for now, congratulate them.

Ok, now choose, play, and have fun!

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sorry, I'm gonna have to say no, because I don't want dead wrestlers in the fed.

Which outlaws Mr. Perfect, Benoit, Bam Bam, and a few others.

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[quote name='.CJ-V-D' post='2429878' date='Aug 1 2007, 11:21 PM']I want Goldberg to a singles match

(RVD vs. Goldberg)[/quote]

*Goldberg Backstage*

*Runs and Spears Doink The Clown*

*Rikishi comes and stink face on Big Ding Dong Johnson*

*Goldberg goes 2 teh ring*

"You're Next!"

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