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JButch Moveset HCTP

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Here is my HCTP Moveset

Bases: Ring in: Matt Hardy
Ring out: Quick
Taunt: Kane 4
Taker 2
Taker 3
Taker 4
Fighting: Taker 2
Walking: Van Dam
Running: Normal
Winning: Taker (ABA)
Entrance: All Taker (ABA)

Ready Moves: Attack: Shuffle Side Kick 3
Toe Kick 1
Taker Punches 3
Taker Punches 2
Big Boot 4
Taker Punches 1

Grapple: Submission: Grapple 5
Armbar 5
Bearhug 1
Bearhug 2
Shoulder Armbreaker

Signature: Grapple 7
Gunn Stinger
Whirl Neckbreaker
Super Kick 1
Sidewalk Slam 3

Power: Grapple 1
Chokeslam 3
Austin Stomp 1
Taker Knee Strike
Taker Strikes

Quick: Grapple 4
Headbutt 1
DDT 18
Shoulder Thrusts 1
Body Knee Strke

Grapple Attack: 1) Grapple Body Attack 2
2) Grapple Elbow Strike 2
3) Grapple Punch 4

Back Grapple: Back Suplex 1
Sidewalk Slam 5
Atomic Drop
Knee Clip

Cell Grapple: It Thrusts Down
Chokeslam 1

Ground: Attack: Taker Stomp
Knee Drop 2
Elbow Drop 2

Grapple: Austin Stomp 2
Armlock 1
Fury Punch 9
Raise & Knee Strike
The Walls of Jericho 3
Sharpshooter 2

Turnbuckle: Attack: Turnbuckle Clothsline
Running Shoulder Attack
(sitting)Knee Attack 1

Grapple: Toss into Turnbuckle
Back Elbow Strike 2
Foot Choke 1
Mudhole Stomping 2
(sitting) Mudhole Stomping 3

Back Attack: Shoulder Strike
10 Turnbuckle Smash
Turnbuckle Smash
Super Back Suplex

Rope Opponent: Rope Down: Big Boot 6

Rebound Attack: (standing) Axe Handle 1
(down) Lionsault
(outside) Asai Moonsault

Jump Down Over: Dive Through Ropes

Ariel: Stand: Double Axe Handle 3
Flying Clothesline 1

Down: Knee Drop 1
Frog Splash Pin 2
Kurt Diving Moonsault

Running: Attack: Axe Handle 1
Shoulder Block 1

Grapple: Spear 3
Armbar 6

Back Attack: Knee Clip
School Boy Pin 2

Squatting Attack: Elbow Drop 11 (X2)

Counter: Back Drop 1
Scrapbuster Pin
Spinebuster 10

Double Team: Stand: Headbutt & Elbow Drop
Arm Wrench & Kick
Double Punches 1
Double Clothesline
Double DDT

Turnbuckle: Spine & Neckbreaker
Double Chokeslam
Side Walk & Reverse DDT
Mudhole Stomping 1

Special: Special: Chokeslam 6
El Paso 2

Favourites: Scrapbuster Pin
Sidewalk Slam 3
Whirl Neckbreaker

Weopon Special: Guillotine 3

Combonatian Moves: 1) Taker Punches 1
2) Taker Punches 2 (fliped)
3) Taker Punches 3

This is the most accurate moveset for me out of any of the games. rate and enjoy.

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