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mick foley is awesome


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name tein
hud name tein
announcer introduction the hero
hometown japan
gender male
weight class heavyweight
match tactic clean
show smackdown
voice 1
body skin 7
face skin tones 1
eyes 1/8 100,-39,-27
eyebrows make it black
lips 1
hair 50/50
tights 1 default green
shoes 1
design 99 rotate once smallest vertical 3rd largest horizonal default white,place on forehead
design 95 smallest vertical largest horizontal place on last layer
body type -26
wrist band both arms 21/22,default black
i made this is for psp,there is no morphing

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Nice I Give It An 9/10. I love anime that comes to life in wrestling :nod:

Anyways I have a bit of a noobish question but um... how do you get the userbars for you sig onto your sig from userbars.com.?

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