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SvR '05 Finisher List

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[center][b][color="#3333FF"]SmackDown![/color] Vs. [color="#FF0000"]RAW[/color]
Created by: [color="#FF0000"]hulk[/color][color="#FFFF00"]hogan[/color][color="#FF0000"]fan[/color][/b][/center]

Please give as much help as you can. I don't own this one, so I really need help with move names/numbers. (all names marked with *)

[b][color="#CC0000"]In-game[/color] [color="#3333FF"]Wrestlers[/color][/b]

A-Train: [any 2] Derailer, Train Wreck, Rikishi Driver {name confirmation} (Bernard Driver)
Batista: Powerbomb 15 (Batista Bomb), Spinebuster ?
Big Show: Show Stopper, Final Cut
Booker T: Booker T Special, Book End
Bubba Ray Dudley: Bubba Cutter, Bubba Bomb
Charlie Hass: Hass of Pain, DDT 6
Chavo Guerrero: Gory Bomb, Frog Splash Pin 2 OR Suplex 12
Chris Benoit: Crippler Crossface, Sharpshooter 1/2 OR Diiving Headbutt
Chris Jericho: Walls of Jericho 1, Enzuigiri 4 OR Lionsault Pin
Christian: Unprettier, DDT 26 (CCT) OR Frog Splash Pin 1/2
Chuck Pulumbo: Super Kick (International Business Organization Kick), Torture Rack
D-Von Dudley: Saving Grace, Neckbreaker 15
Eddie Guerrero: Frog Splash Pin 2, El Paso 2
Edge: Edgecution 2, Edgecution 1
Garrison Cade: Diving Elbow Drop Pin 2, Clothesline from Hell
Hardcore Holly: Alabama Slam, Full Nelson OR Full Nelson Slam 1
JBL: Powerbomb 14, Clothesline from Hell 2
John Cena: F-U 1, F-U 2
Kane: Chokeslam 5 (Chokeslam from Hell), Powerbomb 10
Kurt Angle: Angle Lock 2, Angle Slam
Mark Jindrak: Mark of Excellence, Flying Clothesline 3
Matt Hardy: Twist of Fate 2, Twist of Fate 1
Randy Orton: RKO, Super RKO
Rene Dupree: [any 2] Dupree Bomb, Death Valley Driver (Lorie Valley Driver)
Rey Mysterio: The 619, Frog Splash Pin 2
Rhyno: Gore, Piledriver 3 (Rhino Driver)
Ric Flair: Figure Four Leg Lock 2 x2
Rico: Rico Spinning Kick, Roundhouse Kick
RVD: Five Star Fog Splash x2
Scotty 2 Hotty: The Worm, DDT 16
HBK: Sweet Chin Music 2, Sweet Chin Music 1
Shelton Benjamin: Powerslam Pin 1 (T-Bone), Steven Kick (Benjamin Frostkick)
Taijiri: Buzzsaw Kick x2
HHH: Pedigree 3, Pedigree 2
Undertaker: Tombstone Piledriver Pin, Last Ride


Molly Holly: Go Round Pin (Molly-Go-Round), Double Wrist Suplex Pin (Twin City Twister)
Sable: Powerbomb 13 (Sable Bomb), Woman's Special Slap
Stacy Keibler: Rico Spinning Kick, Chick Kick
Torrie Wilson: Facecrusher 1 (Nosejob), DDT 19
Trish Stratus: Stratusfaction, Chick Kick
Victoria: Widow's Peak, Black Widow


Andre the Giant: Elbow Drop 12, Big Slpash Pin
Road Warrior (Animal): Power of the Punch, Oklahoma Slam OR Powerslam Pin 1
Bret "Hitman" Hart: Sharpshooter 1, Piledriver 3
Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake: Sleeper Hold 4 (Barber's Chair), Super Atomic Drop
Road Warrior Hawk: Flying Clothesline 2, Neckbreaker 7
Jimmy Snuka: Superfly, Jimmy Snuka Special
Mankind: Mandible Claw, DDT 30
Masked Kane: Chokeslam 5, Tombstone Piledriver Pin
"Rowdy" Roddy Piper: Sleeper Hold 4, Roddy Piper Strikes
The Rock: The People's Elbow, Rock Bottom
Legend Undertaker: Tombstone Piledriver Pin, Chokeslam 7


2 Cold Scorpio: The 450 Pin x2
A-1: Pumphandle Slam, Sulpex Pin 2
Abyss: Scrapbuster Pin (Black Hole Slam), Train Wreck
Ace Steel: DDT 25 (Steel Spike), Widow's Peak (Spinal Shock)
Adrian Adonis: Sleeper Hold 4, DDT 9
Ahmed Johnson: Tigerbomb 3 (Pearl River Plundge) x2
AJ Styles: Landing Pin (Styles Clash), Shooting Star Press (Shooting Styles Press)
Akio: Corkscrew Body Pin (Akio Time), Steven Kick
Alex Shelley: Ninja (Sliced Bread #2), Downward Spiral (Shellshock)
Amazing Red: The 619 (718), Cokscrew Body Pin (Infra-red)
Andy Douglas: DDT 30 (Natrual Selection) x2
Antonio Thomas: STO 2 (One-Man Heart Attack), Neckbreaker 3 (Promise Land)
Apolo: Stunner 1, The Rock Bottom (El Fondo del Abismo)
Austin Aries: Thr 450 Pin, Suplex 4
Ax (Demolition): Scoop Slam 5, Elbow Attack 2
Carlito: Neckbreaker 3, Overdrive
Chris Masters: Full Nelson (Master Lock) x2
Goldberg: Suplex Pin 2 (Jackhammer), Spear 5
Kip James (Billy Gunn): [any 2] Fameasser, Running Fameasser, One & Only, Sidewalk Slam 4 (Gunn Slinger)
Romeo Roselli: STO 2 (One-Man Heart Attack), Over Castle
Rosey: Sidewalk Slam 4 (Super Hero Slam) x2

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