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RVD Moveset

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Standard Actions:
Ring In: Slide In
Ring Out: Normal
Taunts: RVD 4, RVD 2, RVD 3, RVD 1
Fighting Stance: Rob Van Dam
Walking Motion: Rob Van Dam
Running Motion: Normal

Strike Attacks:
RVD Feint Wheel Kick 2
Toe Kick 1
Roundhouse Kick 2
Feint Kick & Sweep
Booket T Spinning Kick
Woman's Elbow Smash

Grapple Moves:
Arm Drag Leg Drop
Small Package 1
Body Knee Strike
Wrist & Arm Wrench
Scoop Slam 5

Low Blow 5
Reverse Atomic Drop
Eye Rake 1
Low Blow 1
Eye Poke 2

Leg Lock 4
Headlock 4
Sleeper Hold 1
Ground Headlock
Arm Lock 1

Moves 1: Speed
RVD Feint Wheel Kick 3
Dropkick 7
Shuffle Side Kick 4
Arm Drag 4
RVD Enzuigiri

Moves 2: Martial Arts
Judo Flip Suplex
Sweep 3
Combination 5
Sweep 1
Combination 6

Moves 1: Technical
Back side Slam 1
Jawbreaker 3
Suplex 5
Northern Lights Suplex 1
Leg Trip 2

Grapple Attack:
Elbow Attack 1 x3

Grapple From Behind:
Backbreaer 6
Back Suplex 4
Snapmare 1
Elbow to Back of Head 2
Bulldog 6
Turning Face Front
Backslide Pin
Hurricanrana Pin 3
Sleeper Hold 3
German Suplex 4

Strike Attack:
Angry Stomp
Rolling Thunder 2
Spiral Leg Drop

Grapple Moves:
Handspring Splash
Rolling Thunder 3
RVD Leg Drop

Pin with Bridge
Cruiserweight Moves 4
Leg Drop 1

Strike Attacks:
RVD Shoulder Thrusts 1
On the Top Rope
Turnbuckle Dropkick 2

Grapple Moves:
Monkey Flip
RVD Shoulder Thrusts 2
Multiple Kick
Superplex 1
Karate Kick 2
Pushes Turnbuckle

Grapple From Behind:
Toss 1
Dropkick & School Boy Pin
Double Axe Handle 6
Spider Suplex
Turnbuckle Smash

Groggy on ropes:
RVD Monkey Flip

Rebound Attack:
Spinning Back Kick 4
Springboard Leg Drop
Vaulting Body Press 2

Diving out of ring attack:
Rope Flip 2

Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp.:
RVD Diving Kick
Diving Cross Body Pin 2

Diving Attack vs. Downed Opp.:
Rolling Thunder 1
Super Star Press Pin
Diving Moonsault 2

Running Strikes:
Spinning Wheel Kick 2
Clothesline 16

Running Grapple:
Back Rolling 1
Flapjack & Dropkick

Rear Techniques:
Bulldog 6
Triple H Low Kick

Running ground Attack:
Flip Senton Attack 2

Counter Attack:
Flapjack & Dropkick
Drop to Hold
Back Body Drop 2

Tag Team
Standing Tag Team:
Double Suplex
Kick and German Suplex Pin
Double Dropkick
Double Beat Head

Corner Tag Team:
Kick to Gut 1
Calf Kick & Sweep
Double Stomping
Dropkick 6
Double Leg Drop

Five-Star Frog Splash
Chick Kick

Signature Moves:
Rolling Thunder 3
RVD Diving Kick

Chair Finisher:
Vandaminator x2

Combination Attack:
Roundhouse Kick 2
Womens Elbow Smash
Booker T Spinning Kick

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Alright, lemme just list moves I don't like:

STO and Sweep

Ring Out Normal (I'd change it to Quick or Roll Down)

Shuffle Side Kick 3 (He really doesn't kick that hard)

Both Tajiri Karate Rushes (I just don't like the punches in them for RVD, add the Judo Monkey Flip thing and the other Sweep, I guess)

Suplex 3 and Backbreaker 9 (can you add in the Floatover Suplex, because he does that. Y' know, the one with the rollover pin.)

Flip Leg Drop (change to the Revolving one)

Moonsault Splash 1 (change to the Rolling Thunder, that Moonsault makes bad contact)

Cruiserweight Moves 4 (I'd put the Moonsault here.)

Neckbreaker 13 and Lucha DDT (he really doesn't do these)

Front Dropkick 3 (Meh, you can't hit the Van Terminator with it. I'd put the Cross Body here, the closest thing to the Terminator would be to hit the RVD Diving Kick.)

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[quote name='Sanandreas6411' post='176693' date='May 19 2006, 06:28 PM']uve got the same combination attack as my rvd moveset and signiture moves and back grappling and turnbuckle moves as my rvd moveset that i posted[/quote]

i know. i couldn't think of any combo that i didn't have to put the same move twice, although i think i might change it to having something different as the first and last moves

[quote]Suplex 3 and Backbreaker 9 (can you add in the Floatover Suplex, because he does that. Y' know, the one with the rollover pin.)[/quote]

yea, i could. if those were in technical..

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^Because preset sucks. And I might consider getting rid of Power, as he doesn't even do that facecrusher anymore, and doesn't do the Falling Powerslam to Splitlegged Moonsault combo anymore either. And while he used to do the Steam Roller, he hasn't recently and I doubt he will again, since Ken Kennedy's using a top-rope version of it.

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Finishers are given out like candy, its not as if anyone would PIN after doing it.
its a fine finisher.

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