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Connie, my original caw moveset

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Here comes the......[size=4][b]MOVESET[/b][/size] from Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth


Ring in Move- Woman
Ring out Move- Backward Ring Out

-Stacy Keibler 1
-Woman Manger 2
-Torrie Wilson 1

[b]Fighting Style[/b]
-Stacy Keibler

[b]Walking Style[/b]

[b]Running Style[/b]

[b]Winning Move[/b]
Stacy Keibler

Moves- Women
Movie- Raw
Entrance Music- Original 09

[b]Ready Moves[/b]
-Undertaker Punches 3
-Outside Crescent Kick 1
-Austin Punches 3
-Back Elbow Smash
-Dropkick 2
-Jericho Toe Kick

-Irish Whip
-Front Dropkick 5
-Lifting Chokehold
-Hurracanrana 3
-Cruiserweight Moves 3
-Irish Whip
-Drop Toehold
-Victory Roll Pin 2
-Arm Wench and Hook Kick 2
-Snap Suplex
-Falling Powerbomb 1
-Bomb to Facebuster
-Swinging Neckbomb
-Arm Drag

[u]Back Attack[/u]
-Irish Whip
-Rear Naked With Strech
-Cruiserweight Moves 4
-Octopus Strech 2
-Back Tazzmission 1
-Irish Whip
-Naked Choke Drop
-Triple H Low Kick
-Sleeper Hold 3
-Eye of the Hurricane

[b]Edge of a Ceiling[/b]
-Undertaker Chokeslam
-It Thrusts Down
-Undertaker Chokeslam
-It Thrusts Down

-Moonsault Splash 1
-Woman's Angry Stomp
-Senton Splash

Pin Fall
Mahistrol Cradle Pin
Handspring Splash
Pin Fall
Kick to leg 2
Big Swing
Death Lock

Clothesline and Bulldog
Handspring FC3
Turnbuckle Dropkick 2

Irish Whip
Reverse Tornado DDT
Foot Choke 1
Superplex 1
Mudhole Stomping 2
Raise the Opponent Up
Pushes Turnbuckle

[u]Back Attack[/u]
Irish Whip
Illegal Pin
Beat Head
D-Von Neckbreaker
Turnbuckle Toe Kick

[b]Rope Opponent[/b]
-Rope Down
-Big Boot

[u]Rebound Attack[/u]
-Triple H Clothesline
-Dropkick to Knee 4
-Vaulting Body Press 2

[u]Jump Down Over[/u]
-Shooting Star Press

-Front Dropkick 4
-Diving Spear

-Elbow Drop 3
-Huston Hang Over
-Dragon Attack Pin

-Drop Kick 4
-Karate Kick 1

-Irish Whip
-Turn Behind
-Headscissor Takedown 2
-Reverse Mat Slam

[u]Back Attack[/u]
-Hurricane Neckbreaker
-Spinning Hurricanrana 1

[u]Squatting Attack[/u]
-Running Flip Splash
-Dropkick To Knee 4

-Pulling Walk Slam Pin
-Spinebuster 2
-Tilt A Whirl Sideslam

[b]Double Team[/b]
-Low Blow and Knee Attack
-Double DDT
-German Suplex and STO
-Double Clothesline
-Double Beat Head

-Hip Toss
-Kick to stomach
-High Angle Superplex
-Body Splash and Whip

[b] Special[/b]
-Baldo Bomb
-Flip and Texas Cloverleaf

-Falling to Powerbomb 1
-Bomb to Facebuster
-Swinging Neckbomb

[u]Special Favorites[/u]

[u]Combination Moves[/u]
-Woman's Elbow Smash
-Shuffle Side Kick 4
-Jump Spin Back Kick 4

I hope everyone loves it. :D :)

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