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Help on Action Replay Saves

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ok, since i just got mine yesterday...and someone kinda helped me about 70 percent through it...ill help you.

first take the media cd, not the one that say ps2, and put it in your computer. Install it and then put your flash drive in the computer usb port. now, find the file your wanting to download and download it into your F: drive i believe (thats your flash drive).

now, take your flash drive out since your downloaded and saved the file onto it and put it into the usb in your PS2. Now you want to take your PS2 ar max cd and place it in your ps2. now go to the my memory icon (fist off make sure your wanting to save onto this memory card!!!), now go to manage or whatever it is. select the flash drive. click on the file you just downloaded, press right and go to uncrush, press right again and select the memory card you want to uncrush the file onto.

now take out your flash drive and the cd, put the game in fire it up and it should work.

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