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WWF 90's Save

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Save Name:
WWF 90's Save

This is a 90's save.I credited the WolfgangJt / Zurick for there fromulas I cant
remember where the rest of them came from.The Shawn Michaels Attires
did myself.As you can tell he is my favorite wrestler by how many times hes
on there LOL.Most of the attires I done myself I hope you like them.

1.Shark {He is my original creation ive been doing since the first Smackdown}
2.The Patriot
3.Ultimate Warrior {Blue and White Attire}
4.Tatanka {WolfgangJt / Zurick}
5.Doink The Clown
6.Shawn Michaels {Old School Black And White Attire}
7.Diesel {WolfgangJt / Zurick}
8.Giant Gonzales
9.Razor Ramon {WolfgangJt / Zurick}
11.Lex Luger {Allied Powers Attire}
12.British Bulldog {Allied Powers Attire}Needs work on Face
13.Curt Henning Mr.Perfect
15.Adam Bomb
16.The Rock {Needs finishing I tried doing a Rocky Miavia}
18.Randy Savage
19.Shawn Michaels {Summerslam 95}
20.Owen Hart
21.Marty Jannetty
22.Shawn Michaels {Old School White and Black Attire}
24.Shawn Michaels {Old School White And Red Attire}
25.Sherri Martel
26.Sid Vicious {WolfgangJt / Zurick}
27.Scott Steiner {WolfgangJt / Zurick} Just changed attire and hair
28.Brutus Beefcake
29.Rick Steiner {WolfgangJt / Zurick} Just changed attire and facial hair
30.Shawn Michaels {Old School Red and White Attire}






Xploder 4 Pro


AR Max V3


Please if can someone take pictures of the save for me I dont have a digital camera.I would appreciate it.

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this is more like 80's 90's was the attitude era.

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