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Bobby Lashley Movelist (HCTP)

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Bobby Lashley Movelist
By Lobo12

and here's the movelist

Ring in move: brock lesnar
Ring out move: quick
Taunt: Taunt brock lesnar, Rolling arms, Taunt brock lesnar, Taunt chrisitian 2
Fighting style: Brock lesnar
Walking style: Normal
Running style: Normal
Winning style: Brock lesnar
Entrance: Movie: Booker T Moves: Brock lensar Music: Christian or Brock lesnar

Ready Moves:

Attack: triple h punches 3, toe kick 1, austin punches 1, double axe handle 2, axe handle 2, back chop 2

Submission: bearhug 2, kurt angle headlock, big shoulder claw, shin breaker
Signature: backbreaker 2, scoop slam 5, sidewalk slam 1, suplex 11
Power: body press drop FW, clothesline 24, fall away slam, batista lifting & toss
Quick: lesnar moves, manhattan drop 1, lesnar knee strike 2, russian leg sweep 1
Grapple Attack: grapple body attack 1, grapple body attack 1, grapple body attack 2
Back Attack: super atomic drop, sidewalk slam 4, elbow to back of head 2, forearms smash
abdominal stretch 1, back suplex 5, back suplex 6, test full nelson slam 2
Edge Of The Cell: it thrust down x4

Attack: angry stomp, leg drop, elbow drop 10
Grapple: reverse chin lock 2, fury punch 10, mounted punching 2, toss 1, leg lock 8, stertch muffler
Attack: turnbuckle clothesline, running shoulder attack, knee attack.
Grapple: mudhole stomping 2, superplex 2, toss to turnbuckle, big chop, mudhole stomping 3.
Back Attack: trunbuckle smash, hanging in reverse, trunbuckle smash, super back suplex.

Rope Opponent:
Rope Down: irish whip
Rebound Attack: kurt shoulder block, running leg drop, extreme body press
Jump Down Over: dive through ropes

Stand: Shoulder block 5, Double axe handle 3
Down: elbow drop 3 x3

Attack: clothesline 15, kurt shoulder block
Grapple: neckbreaker 1, reverse mat slam
Back Attack: mat slam 2, school boy pin 2
Squatting Attack: elbow drop 11, running leg drop
Counter: back drop 3, flapjack 3, spinebuster 1
Double team:
Stand: Double suplex 1, Double DDT, Double clothesline, Double beat head, Punches & full nelson
Turnbuckle: Powebomb 1, mudhole stomping 1, gut crusher, body splash & whip


Special: Dominator, Backbreaker 4 (to of those loks like his real finisher)
Favorites: Fall away slam, Dominator, Body press drop FW
Weapon Special: DDT,DDT
Combination Moves: austin punches 1, austin punches 1, clothesline 3

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