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Unlock Non-Playable Characters (NPC's)

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Guest TakerOrtonChamp
Unlock Non-Playable Characters (NPC's)* code
by TakerOrtonChamp
Use these codes to unlock the non-unlockable characters without having to use the Superstar ID Modifiers to replace another superstar. With these codes, all Non-Unlockables will appear between Legends and CAWs to play as in Exhibition, CAPPV, etc.

These codes are Savable!

CB2 & GS2v3+ (NTSC)

Unlock Vince McMahon
003A25DC 00000001

Unlock Stephanie McMahon
003A37F0 00000001

Unlock Mike Chioda
003A38A2 00000001

Unlock Nick Patrick
003A3954 00000001

Unlock Michael Cole
003A3A06 00000001

Unlock Shane McMahon (Suit)
003A3B6A 00000001

Unlock Jerry Lawler (Suit)
003A3C1C 00000001

Unlock Johnathan Coachman
003A3CCE 00000001

Unlock Tazz (Suit)
003A3D80 00000001

Unlock Jim Ross (Note: He's between the CAWs and Batista)
003A4952 00000001

Theodore Long
003A530E 00000001

Tony Chimmel
003A5472 00000001

Lilian Garcia
003A5524 00000001

Green Model
003A573A 00000001

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[quote]Unlock Non-Playable Characters (NPC's)* code
by TakerOrtonChamp[/quote]

You didn't create the codes!
Give credit to Sergio/Trigin!

Please don't post codes here

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You stole that i gona report you.

Done @ TakerOrtonChamp i reported you and you will recieve in short time a warning by a mod. Please dont Steal things. Next time it can come to a suspension or a ban.

Edit:I saw more topics where you stole codes i reported you too because of them. Plaese again dont steal codes i think you will get banned

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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