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Current RVD Moveset

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Credit : Sanandreas 6411

+ Standard Actions

Ring In: Slide In

Ring Out: Quick

Taunts: RVD 3 ,RVD 1 , RVD 4, RVD 2

Fighting Stance: Tajiri

Walking Motion: RVD

Running Motion:Normal

+ Standing

Strike Attacks:
rvd feint wheel kick 1
toe kick 1
roundhouse kick 2
feint kick & sweep
tajiri punches
rvd feint wheel kick 2

Grapple Moves:

--- Clean:
Arm Drag 3
Small Package 1
Body knee strike
headlock takeover
ddt 8
--- Dirty:
low blow 3
reverse atomic drop
eye rake 1
reverse atomic drop
eye poke 2
--- Submission:
Arm wrench 3
headlock 4
sleeperhold 1
hammer lock
arm lock 1
--- Category 1: speed
--- Moves 1:
rvd feint wheel kick 3
suplex 12
shuffle side kick 4
arm drag 4
rvd enzuigiri

--- Category 2: Technical
--- Moves 2:
scoop slam 3
jaw breaker 1
nothernlights suplex 1
suplex 5
clothesline 22

--- Category 3: Luchadore
--- Moves 3:
hurracanrana 1
ddt 13
cruiserweight moves 1
hurracanrana 4
hurracanrana 8

--- Grapple Attack:
elbow attack 1 3X

Grapple From Behind:
backbreaker 6
Eddie Cradle Pin
bulldog 6
elbow 2 back of head
turning face front

Groggy Grapple From Behind:
backslide pin
school boy pin
rolling clutch pin
snapmare 1
german suplex pin 1

Top of Cell Attack: Default

+ Ground

Strike Attack: Default

Grapple Moves:
Mounted punching 1
rolling thunder 3
rvd leg drop

moonsault splash 3
cruiserweight moves 4
running kick

+ Corner

Strike Attacks:
rvd shoulder thrusts 1
on the top rope
turnbuckle drop kick

Grapple Moves:
monkey flip
rvd shoulder thrusts 2
multiple kick
superplex 1
knee strike 3
pushes turnbuckle

Grapple from behind:
double axe handle 6
tie to tree of woe
super back suplex
dropkick & school boy pin
tie to tree of woe

+ Rope

Groggy on ropes:
rvd monkey flip

Rebound Attack:
Spinning back kick 4
flip senton attack 2
vaulting body press 2

Diving out of ring attack:
rope flip 2

+ Diving

Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp.:
Rvd diving kick
Diving Crossbody 1

Diving Attack vs. Downed Opp.:
superstar press pin
near body press
diving moonsault 1

+ Dash

Running Strikes:
spinning wheel kick 2
clothesline 16

Running Grapple:
backrolling 1
Extreme neckbreaker drop

Rear Techniques:
Bulldog 6 2X

Running ground Attack:
flip senton attack 2

Counter Attack: tilt a whirl sideslam 2
drop to hold
back body drop 1

+ Tag Team

Standing Tag Team:
x mark
double ddt
kick and german suplex pin
double dropkick
double beat head

Corner Tag Team:
kick to gut 1
powerbomb 1 double stomping
drop kick 6
kick to gut 1

+ Special

Five star frog splash
Five star frog splash or Spinning kick or Chick Chick -- i couldent put spinning kick and Chick Kick anywhere so i put it in the finishers

Signature Moves:
rolling thunder 3
rvd diving kick

Chair Finisher:
vandaminator 2X

Combination Attack:
tajiri low kick (reversed)
womens elbow smash (reversed)
roundhouse kick 2

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