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Found 9 results

  1. Yokozuna / Lex Luger Bret Hart Mega-Maniacs / Money Inc. Undertaker / Razor Ramon / Shawn Michaels / Mr. Perfect Lex Luger / Bam Bam Bigelow / Tatanka / Doink / Crush 1-2-3 Kid / Marty Jannetty / Macho Man / Owen Hart Steiner Brothers Diesel / I.R.S. / Ludvig Borga / Jerry Lawler / Giant Gonzalez / Crush / Rick Martel / Adam Bomb / Bastian Booger / Mr. Hughes / Blake Beverly Quebecers / Headshrinkers / Smoking Gunns / Beverley Brothers
  2. Hey,Lilith from Borderlands!!
  3. I tried to make a tourge from borderlands,i dunno. I think the sheriff Jim Hopper came out decent... like comment ect.. xbox one gt: wes19er Oh, and is it just me or is Shaq in every commercial?? it's like I can imagine him holding a box of feminine hygine products saying "stay fresh,stay clean,all day with new maxi fresh" Lol!! SheriffJimHopperwinsShaqdowntitlefromGoldberg.mp4 DethlrdthrprTourge59_1.mp4
  4. wes19er

    Wendy caw

    My caws hope they dont suck!!
  5. With the game as it is there is unfortunately a need for various workarounds. I will only be posting those that I find, use or have tested. If you know of any workarounds not listed below or any of the below do not not work for you please post in this thread and I will either test them or try to find the issue. The Bugs & Glitches thread on this forum can be found here: https://caws.ws/forum/topic/481566-bugs-glitches-thread/ Credits next to Title indicate workarounds first found and by who (if I know). Those without indicate I found them in the course of testing or creating. Credits next to notes indicate extra points found during testing and by who. Disclaimer: This doesn't mean they didn't exist elsewhere just that I found them while playing the game. If they existed elsewhere before the date/time stated PM me here and I will add credits. ---------- Sections *Recent Updates* Creations - Logos Disappear - Face Textures Disappear V3 - Trading Face Textures - Import Crashing - Downloading Tip - Warped Beard - Design Colour Resetting - Trunks Appearing Under Attire (Mainly Female) *ADDED* - Uploader Fix Attempts *MOVED TO OWN THREAD UNTIL A SOLUTION IS FOUND* Universe - Superstars Alt Attire 2 - Editing Match Crash Others - DLC Tower Issues - Deletion Utility Crash ---------- CREATIONS Logos Disappear (23rd December 2019 @ 17:23 GMT) UPDATE: Even with the recent fix I still recommend doing this when first creating your CAW. If you do this and it fails to work now post in this thread as soon as possible and I will check it. To make logos appear for others do the following: - Go to your CAWs. - Take note of where the original image(s) is. - Select Image, Edit and save You don't need to actually edit the image just save it - Select Edited Image or Replace old image with edited version for old creations If you're not sure which is the edited one it'll be lighter and slightly less sharp - Delete Original from attire Should be the 1st one if there are 2. Else skip this step. - Repeat on all images. - Go to Deletion Utility and remove the not linked original images This doesn't seem to work for Group Images but they haven't been fully tested. (Credit: @NODQCreations) Should work in all creation areas where editing is possible apart from the above situation. Another note is that this could fix issues on some pre-1.06 images disappearing but hasn't been tested. ---------- Face Textures Disappear V3 (17th January 2020 @ 19:00 GMT) UPDATE: I recommend you use the Image Uploader and get the face texture again instead of the methods below then just redo face. It will save time in the long run and you will not need to keep repeating after removing the image from Community Creations. The below method is for those who do not want to relay face or redo structure and there is a chance it will fail to work (should work most of the time). I recommend doing the first two steps after 'All Users' and skipping to the Quick Method at the end or getting the image again with the Image Upload and redoing the face. *PS4 Users Only* - Download Male or Female Workaround Import CAW (Tag: NewAjeOutlaw). There are 16 images (this is to try and ensure the best chance of workaround working). If you downloaded both you should be able to remove the excess 16 images. *Other Users* - Download the image at the bottom of this section and use Image Uploader to get it on your Xbox/PC. - Create a Superstar of any gender so you can edit and save the image multiple times (I did it 16 times to try and ensure it worked but 5 or above should also have a good chance of working but the more you have the higher the chance of success). The image size in game should be over 0.10mb. If it isn't use one of your own that you can also edit. You can also create one of the Workaround CAWs below in this step as long as you only use the edited images. - Delete the original image (should be darker/more colour) so you are only using the ones that keep high size when uploading. - Create a Male and Female Workaround CAWs importing attire from a non created superstar (haven't had any issues doing this) added the images to their appearance. This will save more time if you have or create multiple CAWs. You could also just add images to your CAWs appearance in the step where you import Workaround CAW. I named mine Male/Female Workaround and added a space to the start so they show at the top of the import list. *All Users* - Upload all Face Textures you want to use to Community Creations (CC) with re-upload set to NO. DO NOT download your textures from CC or this method will not work. - Duplicate CAW and Rename (this will be used as a backup). This was added to try and combat issues with process becoming harder each time face is removed and to protect face image from being changed to a normal image permanently (last part untested just wanted to get this added as I feel it's an important one). This step is also to ensure the game recognises that you have the image on your system. - Upload and Remove any CAWs you are trying to fix. To decrease the risk of crashing you should back out to CC screen (DL/UL/IM) after each upload. This step was added to hopefully increase chances of success and because CAWs got harder after each upload in a previous version so the system must keep a ghost of previous uploads and you need to upload something with more images (at least it seems like that and is also why the above method was included). - If your 2nd attire slot is taken duplicate and rename (add 3) your CAW again and default the face. This will be for re-importing original attire with face defaulted to help reduce import crashing. - Enter Original CAW and import workaround attire into 2nd slots (should work fine). If you are using the non Workaround CAW method copy over your 1st attires and add the images you did earlier to the appearance of your CAW. - Save creation. - Upload to CC. - Remove from CC. - Enter Original CAW and remove workaround attire. If you didn't have a 2nd Attire copy over the 1st ones (This is due to a display issue when removing attires from 2nd slot and uploading to CC). If you had a 2nd Attire try to import it from the duplicate. If this fails copy the 1st attire and upload the duplicate to CC along with the original in next step, PM me and I'll check what is causing it). - Save and Upload to CC. - Delete uploaded and 3rd versions and rename backup to original. - Test on alt account. *Quick Method* - After the above step enter any CAWs, redo face/structure and upload to CC. This and the first steps should be done after any other changes you have made and saved. Face must stay on CC while creation is up (Credit: @Bhangra94877286) If you remove the image you will need to repeat steps above. If you don't remove image it should always work even on re-uploads. NOTE: If you remove the image from CC the game will treat the Face Image as a normal image and disappear again with the image listed as 512x512 in Image Manager and Deletion Utility. This does mean there is a slim chance this could fail to work in future patches although I don't see how it would. --------- Trading Face Textures (9th February 2020 @ 14:35 GMT) (Credit: @Bhangra94877286 for his enquiry) [Not Fully Tested] If you would like to move a face texture from one account to another (say you want to use a certain account but the uploader on that one sucks) the following steps should work (only tested a couple of times). - Use Image Uploader on the account you want to trade from. - Create a New Superstar and add the Face Texture You can just add and save, don't need to line it up or anything this is just so the game knows it's a face image which doesn't happen when using upload/download. - Upload Creation to Community Creations I had re-upload set to yes but both versions should work. - Download on the account you are trading to. - Delete creation on account you traded to. - Delete upload from account you traded from. You should now be able to add it to any creation you want. If you want to trade images you can add them if you're not worried about being able to edit them or just use Upload and Download with Re-upload set to on. --------- Import Crashing (10th February 2020 @ 22:45 GMT) This is normally caused by certain attire parts. The best way to combat this is to do the following: - Make a note of where the parts are in the list - Change each item to a generic one I recommend choosing the closest (location wise) to what you had for easier replacement. Most generic parts are easier to spot and I haven't had importer issues on them yet. Any images should stay. - Try to Import Parts This is the best way because images sometimes don't get imported the other way. - Change each item back to what is was before It should no long happen but if you have a CAW with a face texture you can also duplicate them, reset the face, rename adding a 2 and trying to import. This was causing crashes before but haven't had it cause any since patch. This workaround is intended for creators with their own work or those who have good bases and want good attires. Unfortunately there will be those looking to pass work of as their own and as the uploader working as intended would still allow this here we are. Can't help the good without the bad unfortunately. --------- Downloading Tip When downloading from Community Creations first check the upload date. If it is after Dec 25th 2019 there is a high chance of the face disappearing (although not all will). This best thing to do is to check Content by the Creator and look for the face image of the CAW you are after. If it was uploaded before the CAW (will be on the right or below) the chance of the face showing for you is increased and you should download to check. If there isn't one or it was uploaded after it is more likely to disappear when you download. Unfortunately non face images will depend on both the creator and when it was uploaded (earlier arenas didn't work and had to be re-uploaded after a patch (1.03?). Most attire images before 20th Dec 2019 should show (although the issue did exist in previous versions and years but less severe until 1.06). UPDATE: Those uploaded after 20th February will have a higher chance of working but may still contain the issues. --------- Warped Beard (20th December 2019) - Do whatever changes you want to your creation's attire and save. - Go to attires screen and check if any beards are warped in images. - If beard is warped press back. - If beard is warped on main screen go to body and save. Otherwise skip this step. - Click on warped beard attire and accept (nothing else needed). - Repeat for all warped attires and accept. - If beard is warped on main screen go to body and accept. Then do final accept to save creation. *You can also choose a smaller beard that does not warp and add a larger goatee* You could also try this for warped hair but I have not encountered any yet so can't test. UPDATE: Thought this was fixed but it has changed slightly and will now happen when scrolling through images. --------- Design Colour Resetting (Credit: DH3 / 11th February 2020 @ 21:32 GMT) --------- Trunks Appearing Under Attire (Mainly Female) (24th April 2020 @ 11:00 BST) - Choose attire you want - Select the 1st White Trunks - Save Creation - Re-enter Creation and change trunks to 2nd white pair (Removing won't work and will revert to 1st white pair) - Match skin color as close as possible - Save and Enjoy Changing Tights/Bottoms will also cause the trunks to revert to 1st white pair (others will still show in the trunks part). You will need to change them back to the 1st white pair, save then change back to 2nd white pair each time the issue happens. UNIVERSE Superstars Alt Attire 2 (Credit: Youssef / 23rd October 2019 @ 19:29 GMT) - Go to creations and enter those with 2nd Alt Attire - Set the ring attire for 2nd alt as Default - Goto Edit Superstar outside universe and set to Attire Number 2. Save just those changes to any universe you have - Put 2nd attire on Superstar when setting up the match and they should be wearing it. This unfortunately doesn't help with the stupid DLC names though. --------- Editing Match Crash (Credit: mjpitt33 @ ~20:00 GMT) If your game crashes when you are trying to edit a match just go to your creations and delete all your custom shows. This will hopefully sort the issue. --------- OTHERS DLC Tower Issues (8th February 2020 @ 20:42 GMT) [Not Fully Tested] Some of these issues seem to be caused by Alt attires. You could try the following and see if any work: - Go to Creations -> Superstar -> Superstar -> [star causing issue] -> Import the attires from other -> Name differently -> Save -> Delete Original Alt Attire -> Check - Go to Creations -> Superstar -> Edit Custom Superstar -> Edit -> Save -> Check - Go to Creations -> Superstar -> Edit Custom Superstar -> Edit -> Edit/Save each Attire -> Check - Go to Creations -> Superstar -> Edit Custom Superstar -> Duplicate Superstar (On Alt) -> Check the Duplicate - Go to Creations -> Superstar -> Edit Custom Superstar -> Delete Alt Attire (Quickest/Easiest) --------- Deletion Utility Crash (Not Fully Tested) (26th December @ 15:00 GMT) This seems to be linked to either corrupted or group image and is harder to fix due to the game not un-linking images from championships and arenas. - Check through all creations for missing images. Recommend you delete CAWs without images and remove image from Championships/Arenas and save before deleting them via Deletion Utility (if it doesn't crash). - Remove all corrupted images from the creations and save. Again this is complicated due to the issue stated at the start of this post. - Go to Image Manager located in Community Creations, Make sure you are on Local and select delete on an image that shows up. This can be tricky depending on where the corrupted image is but I recommend clicking delete on a face image first. - Press Triangle or Y to delete all unused images. This will hopefully remove the offending image but due to previous issue you may have to limit deleting images until necessary or it is fixed. This will delete any images you may have been saving for later so you should add them to any 'zPlaceholder' creations (recommend making one if you haven't already) before starting UPDATE: This issue seems to have been resolved. This above method will stay unless it returns or somebody reports it again. ---------
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