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Found 5 results

  1. So I’m new to this forum but I’m glad I found you guys! I created my own attitude era series on YouTube using wwe 2k19! Includes 70+ wretlers from the era, actual entrance music, promos, great storylines and ppvs! Checked out the latest episode “Raw is War” full episode here!:
  2. Mani-Man


    So im throwing this out here because asking on Twitter so far hasnt really done much. Its part Request and part simply asking for advice or tips. I recently finally got a hand on doing Female Face textures well enough that i can say im excited to do Female caws. I was wondering how those of you who do female caws, create the Tops, if there are Templates i could use etc.
  3. REY MYSTERIO: revealed at Wrestlemania 37 | Gear from MONDAY NIGHT RAW, November 25th 2019 CESARO: revelead at Wrestlemania 37 | Gear from SMACKDOWN, May 29th 2020 EDGE: revelead on 19/08/2021 | Gear from BACKLASH 2020, June 14th 2020 CARMELLA: revealed on 21/08/2021 | Gear from SMACKDOWN, November 13th 2020 BAYLEY: revealed on 21/08/2021 | Gear from EXTREME RULES, July 19th 2020 SHINSUKE NAKAMURA: revealed on 21/08/2021 | Gear from MONDAY NIGHT RAW, July 10th 2020 COMING SOON...
  4. I think I did this once wayyyyy back in the WWE 13 days....maybe 12! But I'm back again with better resources and a little more creativity and an org backed stream! Everything will be live on stream, and everything will be with YOUR created wrestlers. The only restriction is they can't be busted OVR wise (obviously) and have to be SOMEWHAT realistic. I'm not gonna lie, I'm down with The Fiend-like characters and Luchasaurus haha I'll be naming the Fed based on basically whatever cool created arenas I find on Community Creations. So if you have a world all drawn up and online for PS4, let me know and maybe you'll be our namesake Let me know how to download your guy, if you have a tag team partner to download, and I'll get them all set up in game. I'll also be doing a royal rumble outside of the universe to determine our first champions. PM me if you want to know where to watch as I'm not sure about the rules on that here anymore. Fire away! Who wants to join the People's Universe!
  5. Hello, maybe you can help me to solve my problem. I have this texture file of Jimmy Snuka from SVR11, but it is covered in those white and black pixels. How to remove them or how to make a black background like in other pic?
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