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Found 7 results

  1. So BPW has been amazing these past three seasons and it is mainly because of the awesome people on the forum. Instead of going through and individually asking you all awesome creators .I want you all that think you are interested to post the CAW in this post. I play of PS4 and I need it all Superstars, women, tag teams and even factions if you all have any. I would need the tags to find them. I would need their finisher/Signature names and quick bio. I will try to stay loyal to the character the best i can while writing the episodes. I will shoutout to all the creators of the CAWs i use in the promotion. And if any of you all can help outside of CAWs let me know it would be appreciated. You can all check out BPW live on twitch 1pm est every tuesday (twitch.tv/brokebottle) or check out all season one and two in my highlights. (copy of last one lol) BPW(Brokebottle Pro Wrestling) {Champs as of Ep.133 GFB} Titles: BPW World Title {El Loco} BPW Tag Team titles {Johnny Holloway and Killer Kadoogan} BPW Women's title {Izzy Black} BPW Internet title {Ejiro} BPW women's tag titles {Misstallecca: Melissa Holmes and Callie} (Season three roster) Adrian Cutter Alberic Alex Da Silva Alexander Peterson Amber Mitchell Aubin Austin Quinn Bad Bones Briggz Benjamin Hayes Bjarni Magnusson Blake Evans Brandon X Brianna Brian Mercer Brooklyn Callie Casey Matthews Casey Walker Christy Bae Damien Webb Danny Acton Devon Duke Edward Harrington Ejiro El Loco Erik Magnusson Evan Marceau Even Wilson Gabriella Gary Masterson Gorial Ivan Rusev Izzy Jack Lewis James Crane Jesse Jennifer Rose Jezebel John Crane Johnny Holloway Ken Yamamoto Keyu Killer Kadoogan Keith Anderson Kenny Dynamite Kenny Matsuda Kokoro The Knightmare Knock Out Lee Leon Santos Lori Braddock The Machine Marilyn Blackwell Marissa Max Stevens Melissa Holmes Mike Edwards Miles Osborne NBK Nicole Everett Owen Wilson Pan Meredith Pegasus Prince Ali Amir Prince Yoshida Quinn Daring Rhett Jackson Rob Rush Roy Knight Russ Peterson Samantha Coleman Sean Selena Lopez Shannon Bourheau Skull Tarek Arafa Tristan Masterson Vanessa Victor Violet Rose
  2. WWE2K20 Adjusted Attributes by NewAjeOutlaw These adjusted attributes are not expected to be 100% accurate and are based on current real world booking along with my own perception. Wrestlers will only be done if I think they could perform in some way today. Attributes are not fully tested in game play but are done to try and keep the game competitive. They may be transferable to 2K19 although I would recommend lowering the Movement/Strike/Grapple Speed from Version 2 (when released) by 15 points. I will only be adjusting those I feel need it for each version however you are welcome to further adjust them to your liking on your system. The link and missing images for Version 1 are all listed in the replies below. They will be removed when Version 2 is released. The live (close enough) database can be found here
  3. Greetings everyone! I'm back again for WWE 2k20. As you know, I try to post the most accurate signatures and finishers for WWE, Impact, AEW, and NJPW. Also, if you have a request for a certain wrestler, or if you need an idea for a replacement for a move not in the game, feel free to ask. With that being said, I hope you all get a good use out of this. Also, huge thanks to Rekka No Ryo and Mizalike for their input. And also, huge thank to Sandow and Righteous for their hardwork on movesets, which were used as an inspiration for this topic. RAW Smackdown NXT/NXT:UK/205 Live AEW WOW-Women of Wrestling Impact Wrestling NWA New Japan Pro Wrestling Ring of Honor MLW Evolve Chikara Pro Wrestling Guerrilla PROGRESS ECW Tag Teams Alumni GCW CZW
  4. I am look for Peyton Royces 2k18 gear texture, I really want to use it in the new game as alotho the gear is in game I would like to customise the texture if anyone has it or knows how to get it please let me know thank you so much
  5. Hi guys, I hope you liked it, soon (maybe) more caws. Search: CM Punk + Most Recent
  6. If you make CAW of the Undertaker from 90-99 for Shut Your Mouth, it is recommended to change his move set. Originally, a move-set template for a 1990-1999 Undertaker was made by Sirwadealot but the link on angelfire no longer exists. Ability (This is based off the in-game Undertaker's ability attributes) Power (POW): 4 4 Speed (SPE): 2 2 Technique (TEC): 2 2 Rough Neck (ROU): 3 3 Auto Setting (Moveset): Undertaker or Kane Base Fighting Style: Undertaker or Kane Walking Style: Normal Running Style: Normal Ring In Move: Normal (if auto-set it to Kane) Winning Move: Undertaker or Kane Ring Out Move: Normal or Backwards Ring Out Entrance Movie: Undertaker Entrance Moves: Kane (if auto-set to Undertaker) Entrance Music: Original 8 or Original 13 (Original 8 is similar to his Graveyard Symphony Theme. Original 13 also works too as it is considered to be a similar, more suitable theme for Undertaker) Taunts: Taunt Kane 2, Taunt Kane 2, Taunt Kane 4 (or Taunt Chris Jericho 2), Taunt Kane 2, Taunt Kane 4 (or Taunt Chris Jericho 2) Ready Moves Attack: Undertaker Big Boot, Toe Kick 1, Undertaker Punches 1, Toe Kick 2, Undertaker Punches 3, Kane Throat Thrust 2 Grapple: Scoop Slam 2, Undertaker Sideslam, Kane Grapple, Suplex 2 Grapple (G1): Jacknife Powerbomb 1, Undertaker Knee Strike, Super Spinebuster, Kane Throat Thrust 3 Grapple (G2): Kane Lifting & Toss, DDT 1 (or DDT 2), Kane Throat Thrust 2, Undertaker Fury Punch Back Attack: Pumphandle Slam 2, Reverse DDT, Forearm Smash, Russian Leg Sweep 2, Back Attack (G1): Sidewalk Slam 3, High Angle Backdrop 2, Pumphandle Slam 1, Atomic Drop The Edge of a Ceiling: Undertaker Chokeslam, It Thrusts Down, Undertaker Chokeslam, It Thrusts Down Ground Attack: Undertaker Stomp, Leg Drop, Elbow Drop 4 Grapple: Darkness Choke 1, Darkness Pin, Mounted Punching 2, Knee Stomp, Leg Lock 1, Single-Leg Crab 1 Turnbuckle Attack: Turnbuckle Clothesline, Turnbuckle Clothesline, Knee Attack 1 Grapple: Chokeslam (or Body Strikes), Old School, Choke, Kane Strikes, Kane Throat Thrust 4 Back Attack: Beat Head, Hanging in Reverse, Shoulder Strike, Turnbuckle Toe Kick Rope Opponent Rope Down: Big Boot Rebound Attack: Flying Lariat 2, Running Leg Drop, Vaulting Body Press 2 Jump Down Over: Rope Flip 1 Aerial Stand: Kane Diving Clothesline (or Flying Clothesline), Double Axe Handle 3 Down: Knee Drop 1, Elbow Drop 3, Elbow Drop 3 Running Attack: Clothesline 7, Flying Lariat 2 Grapple: Neckbreaker 1, Running DDT Back Attack: Mat Slam 2, Bulldog Squatting Attack: Benoit Elbow Drop, Running Leg Drop Counter: Tilt A Whirl Sideslam, Shoulder Back Toss 2, Hip Toss 2 Double Team Stand: Double Flapjack, Double DDT, Double Suplex 1, Double Clothesline, Double Beat Head Turnbuckle: Front Slam (or Double Chokeslam), Mudhole Stomping 1, Powerbomb, Kick to the Gut Special Special: Tombstone Piledriver 1, Undertaker Chokeslam 1 (or Undertaker Chokeslam 2 or Chokeslam 3) Favorites: Flying Lariat 2, Kane Throat Thrust 3, Old School Special Weapon: Guillotine 3, Guillotine 3 Combination Moves: Kane Throat Thrust 1 (or Undertaker Punches 1 for a '97 feel), Undertaker Body Punch, Kane Throat Thrust 2
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