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Found 12 results

  1. Alright so I’m in the process of making a very good looking AJ Styles attire (about the WrestleMania 32 attire) I just need the logos he has on his tights. I need his red “strings” yknow the things he has on his legs that are red and are going across his leg from his belt. He only wore them once and google just doesn’t wanna search them up. I just don’t know what they’re called, and every time I search wm32 attire on Google. No great results come up. It’d be very greatly appreciated if y’all can make the logos. I’ve never made any requests here before so yeah. Thanks in advance y’all.
  2. First time posting, been working on some fantasy, alternative Wrestlemania arenas. WrestleMania VIII WrestleMania 11 The corner of the barricades on some sides are a little wonky, don't think there's a way to fix that unfortunately. WrestleMania 2000 Search the tags altwrestlemania or bringbackredrooster on PS4 to download any of these arenas.
  3. Would anyone be willing to make a Mustafa Ali CAW with his Wrestlemania Attire on PS4? If you do a second attire, it could be one of his other designs I don't mind. I've posted reference pics and also one for the second attire but it isn't needed at all. I currently have the Ryeedee caw. Thank you! Much appreaciated!
  4. Survivor Series 1996 SummerSlam 1995 In Your House 95/96 King of The Ring 90s Royal Rumble 1995 Wrestlemania 13 Survivor Series 1997 I hope you like it! All Stuff Uploaded as show too! Tags: WWF, WLF Editor: mjrico1 i hope you like it!
  5. Is it possible to request: Chris jericho wrestlemania 18 attire Chris jericho wrestlemania 19 attire For xbox one, thankyou
  6. I believe it's the wrestle mania that "hands over the torch". Undertaker > Bray Wyatt Triple H > Rollins Jericho > AJ etc Foley/SCSA > Ambrose Firstly, I believe that someone will interfere the taker v Shane match, as there's no way they can make Shane beat taker 1 v 1 at the grandest stage of all. Praying its Bray Wyatt, and Shane done "a bigger deal with a bigger devil in Bray Wyatt". Cementing his position as new boss of WWE. Hoping Rollins costs HHH the match against Reigns, as revenge for how he was treated towards the end of his run by The Authority, and then destroys Roman Reigns sending a strong message that, that is his belt. Alternatively he could cost Taker the match, thus, stripping Authority of all their power, either way, I don't think we'll see HHH/Stephanie for a long time after wrestle mania! Jericho > Aj. Been paired as "Aj is what Jericho was at his prime, if not better" obviously AJ no where near Chris on the mic, so playing it smart basically having Chris sell AJ for weeks on the mic. Stone Cold/Foley > Ambrose - Hard one, because I always thought Ambrose is this era's Stone Cold, watered down maybe, but that don't give a *Censored* attitude, whose a bit of a loon, acts like a heel but seen as a face etc . But after Foley giving him the barbed wire bat, basically as a gift of "passing the torch", maybe it's him? No other result but Ambrose to win, otherwise, just blown this hole storyline/Ambroses push. He has to beat Lesnar. Enzo Amore/Colin Cassidy to debut? - suddenly using Xavier Woods as the second title defender (when have they done this) just gave me this impression, and rumours they were debuting at Fastlane. It's as if, they're pairing them ie Amore > Woods Cassidy>Big E. Suddenly making them face as well (New Day), could be Heel turn, costing them title etc? Thinks this is the best time in wrestling since Attitude/Agression era. Finally trying to mould characters to forget the great Attitude era. Because up until not so long ago, WWE (imo) has just been a blur. And with Shane coming in, complete fresh direction, just hoping TV-14 comes with it..
  7. A few arenas I have been working on. Saturday Night's Main Event Hashtags: WWF, Chromaslam, Saturday Night's Main Event *Apron Textures available for download as well WWF Superstars of Wrestling Hashtags: WWF, Chromaslam, Old School Wrestlemania III : Pontiac Silverdome Hashtags: WWF, Classic Match Pack 1, Chromaslam, Wrestlemania III I also have WWF Turnbuckle and Gradient Logos from these creations available for download as well. Thanks for looking and please check out my CAW creations as well.
  8. So RAW was awesome. We got 2 NXT debuts, 2 great title matches... and a... bizarre Sheamus. What was your favourite thing about RAW? If it was one of the debuts, vote for that match.
  9. I'm not sure if this should be in the Rumble discussion or not. I believe it deserves its own topic. Just wondering what your thoughts are on the Curtis Axel situation, do you think the WWE will even address. Axel himself even seems convinced on twitter he is the real Rumble winner and deserves to be at WM31... Two Paul Heyman guys going head to head...ha unlikely but what are your thoughts? I personally would rather see Axel over Reigns to be honest. It would be such a underdog story.
  10. WrestleMania has been hailed as the ‘showcase of the immortals’. For 21 WrestleManias, the Undertaker defined immortality by staying unbeaten against the biggest, strongest and quickest opponents. So many superstars including ‘Big Daddy Cool’ Diesel, Triple H, CM Punk, and the ‘Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels tried to take the Deadman down but in the end, they all failed. Read more here: http://www.thekarachiite.com/2014/09/does-the-undertaker-still-have-a-future-at-wwe/ Thoughts?
  11. It's been almost a week since Brock Lesnar beat the streak and I'm wondering whether he should just retire now or have one final showing at WM 31. I personally think he should have one more match at WrestleMania 31, because it'd be a shame if Taker's final match remains his bout against Lesnar which, in my opinion, paled in comparison to the majority of his other WM matches in the past 10 years thanks to him suffering a concussion early on in the contest. I don't have a problem with him retiring after a loss, but his last match should be a classic. As much as I'd love to see Sting vs. Undertaker, I'm not sure if it'd be a good match - however, I wouldn't really want to see him face any other superstar than Sting. I don't think it'd make much sense if he faces Bryan, Wyatt or Cena now that the streak is no more, while a match against Sting is still a dream match many fans would love to see. In the end, I'd say let's have him face Sting and then retire. What do you think?
  12. Just wanted to see if anyone else cameup with some cool cover art, here's what i came up with for 30 years of wrestlemania: http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q524/thewayoftheyoung/WWE2K14ThirtyYearsofWrestlemaniaPS3CustomCoverArt.jpg
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