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Found 3 results

  1. Steve Austin, Undertaker, Mankind, Dude Love, Cactus Jack, Chainsaw Charlie, Owen Hart D-X (HBK, HHH, Chyna, X-Pac, New Age Outlaws) Corporation (The Rock, Kane, Big Boss Man, Ken Shamrock, Commiss. Shawn Michaels, Test) D-X (HHH, X-Pac, New Age Outlaws) N.O.D. (The Rock, Owen Hart, D’ Lo Brown, Mark Henry, The Godfather) Jeff Jarrett, Southern Justice (Mark Canterbury & Dennis Knight), Val Venis, Godfather, Goldust, Marc Mero, Steve Blackman, Vader, Faarooq L.O.D. 2000 (Hawk, Animal, Droz) , Ahmed Johnson, D.O.A (Skull, 8-Ball, Chainz) Bradshaw, Terry Funk , NWA (Dan Severn, Bodacious Bart, Bombastic Bob, Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson , Barry Windham) Brood (Gangrel, Edge, Christian) , JOB Squad (Al Snow, Bob Holly, Scorpio) Steven Regal, Acolytes (Faarooq & Bradshaw), Tiger Ali Singh, Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher), Too Much (Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor), Oddities (Golga & Kurrgan), “Dr. Death” Steve Williams, Taka Michinoku, Savio Vega, Tom Brandi, Quebecers (Jacques & Pierre) Kai En Tai (Taka Michinoku, Sho Funaki, Men’s Teioh, Dick Togo)
  2. Hi Guys! After a pause of two years I came back and I'm happy that we got a somewhat funktional editor again! I created a list of women that I want to create but I won't post the list in this topic because I want to create them one after another instead of working on like 3-4 creations at the same time like in the past due to many requests. So far I released two caws on CC and I'm thinking about releasing the GM one I created for MyGM mode aswell in case people want her (Vickie Guerrero). All my released caws are coming with 2 attires, moveset, win animation, entrance. Ivelisse (Hastags on CC: Ivelisse, Dumeka, AEW) Cameron (Hastags on CC: Cameron, Dumeka, AEW) Here is Vickie Guerrero (As GM) (Hashtags on CC: VickieGuerrero, AEW, Dumeka) Zelina Vega (Hashtags on CC: ZelinaVega, Dumeka, WWE ) Wendy Choo (Hasthags on CC: WENDYCHOO, Dumeka, NXT) - Big TNX for the Face Texture goes to the Dagameplayer Serena Deeb (Hashtags on CC: SERENADEEB, Dumeka, AEW) Victoria (Hashtags: Victoria, WWE, Dumeka) Big Tnx for the Face Texture goes to JadeRelyea94 Nikki Bella (Hashtags: NikkiBella, Dumeka, WWE) Big Tnx for the Face Texture goes to JadeRelyea94 Katie Lea (Hashtags: KatieLea, WWE, Dumeka) Big Swole (Hashtags: BigSwole, Dumeka, AEW) Big TNX for the Face Texture goes to the Dagameplayer April Hunter (Hashtags: AprilHunter, Dumeka, WCW) Big Tnx for the Face Texture goes to WallyB430 Amanda Schmidt (Hashtags: Dumeka, WWEAEWIMPACTINDY, OriginalFemaleSuperstar) Alyssin Kay (Hashtags: Dumeka, NWA, IMPACTSHINEAEWSHIMMER) Marti Belle (Hashtags: Dumeka, MartiBelle, NWASHIMMERSHINEIMPACTWWE) Rachael Ellering (Hashtags, Dumeka, RachaelEllering, IMPACTAEWWWESTARDOM,) Tenille Dashwood (Impact,TenilleDashwood,WWE ) Gisele Shaw (preview) Big TNX for the Face Texture goes to the Dagameplayer
  3. (Hollywood Hogan / Sting / Lex Luger / The Giant) (Macho Man / DDP) (NWO Wolfpac) (Roddy Piper / 4 Horsemen - Ric Flair, Jeff Jarrett, Mongo McMichael, Chris Benoit / Curt Hennig) (NWO - Curt Hennig, Buff Bagwell, Scott Norton, Konnan, Vincent, Masahiro Chono, Great Muta, Big Bubba Rogers, Mr. Wallstreet) (Steiner Brothers / Harlem Heat) (Booker T (singles) / Goldberg / Ray Traylor / Alex Wright / Disco Inferno / Hugh Morrus / Fit Finlay / Glacier / Ernest “The Cat Miller) (R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero) / Rey Mysterio Jr. / Chris Jericho) (Dean Malenko / Ultimo Dragon / Juventud Guerrera / La Parka / Pyschosis / Chavo Guerrero / Yuji Nagata / Gedo) (Faces Of Fear - Meng & Barbarian / Mortis & Wrath / Steven Regal & Dave Taylor / High Voltage - Kenny Kaos & Robbie Rage / Public Enemy - Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge / Amazing French Canadians - Jacques Rougeau & Carl Ouellet) (Raven’s Flock - Raven / Saturn / Stevie Richards / Riggs / Kidman / Lodi)
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