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Found 4 results

  1. UPDATE: Keyu, Alyx Avery, Bill Smith, Brennan Blade, Caleb Rivera, Carl Johnson, Carrie Hawthorne, Casey Jakobs, Chris Hawthorne, Dahlia, Jin Kamiya, Kid Calavera, Liam West, Zane Mercer and Local Talent uploaded Tag: iamkeyu All CAWS have full movesets, entrances, victories, taunts, AI tendency sliders Double checked this time, made sure I put it in the 2K23 Creation Suite instead of the general 2K23 section lmao Name: Keyu Status: Uploaded Overall: 86 Finisher: Bullet Biter(Kamigoye) Information: Cocky, foul-mouthed, heavyweight brawler/striker. Wears down opponents with hard strikes and cheap shots before dropping them on their heads or going for a knockout blow. Inspired by Stone Cold, KENTA, Kawada, Shibata, Muay Thai/Bokator. Recently incorporated powerhouse elements and added a bunch of uranages, and rough looking suplexes. Not a technical marvel by any means, I purposefully choose moves that look simple to do and also look kinda unsafe lmao. Chimera is a Fight Team/Training Club/Wrestling School type of faction, I'll probably release a bunch of the logos if people want to make some big faction in their game with their CAWs too. Name: "The Game Changer" Caleb Rivera Status: Uploaded Overall: 84 Finisher: Game Changer (Revolution Knee) Information: Young talent with a lot of promise but lacking in actual match and life experience. After being turned on by his tag partner(who I might end up making, IDK yet) and manager he's currently finding more of his killer instinct as "The Game Changer". Less high of a high flyer than he used to be he still wows fan with his fast paced match style. Trying to do a bit of an "Ospreay becoming a heavyweight" type thing with him, still lots of impressive flying moves but a more grounded and serious style than before. I also wanted his finisher and nickname to be The Game Changer because of Okada and the Rainmaker lmao Name: Alyx Avery Status: Uploaded Overall: 82 Finisher: Diving Foot Stomp Information: Indie prospect with a lot of promise. Fan favorite for her optimism and attitude as well as some outstanding underdog performances but her career so far has been marked by a lot of big match losses. Joining Chimera has helped her find some of her killer instinct, and more success in the ring. Personality wise still super positive/cheery even after joining the mainly heel Chimera. I think having a pure babyface faction member annoying heel members with their optimism sounds hilarious. Not the biggest competitor but she'll throw 100%(and 100% of her bodyweight) at you. Kick heavy moveset with lots of sentons, arm targeting moves and some armbars thrown in. Her face picture is the most up to date picture. Attire pics are from before I did the most recent face morphing stuff, to lazy to re-do that picture lmao. Most of my CAWs might look slightly different by the time I upload them because I mess with them all the time
  2. Another year, another one of these; Not sure when the Steam preload will go up. Next week's lineup is looking like our usual starters: Belle Ramsland, Nora Perez, Kiyori Toda, and Jenna Jordan, atleast. Have some new hairs and gear revamps picked out.
  3. My latest original caw on WWE 2K23. It's on CC. search hashtags: nbr1 & original
  4. Hello everyone! Its been a while. A Long long while. I haven't purchased a WWE game in many years after I lost some of the passion I had. That along with life getting in the way I stopped making my characters. But alas, I am back. I have recently gotten my passion back for wrestling and I have already begun making my old roster. I wanted to begin today with my most popular and probably my favorite character I make. So without further ado here he is! "The Reaper of Justice" RYKER JUSTICE! Ryker Justice has always been pure wrestling ability. Pure aggression. Purely one of the best. But something has awoken in him. Something dark. When pushed to his limits, he becomes the Reaper of Justice. And unstoppable war machine hell bent on creating chaos in his wake. He's the same locker room leader and prideful wrestler he always was, but now there's a limit to his patience. I hope you all enjoy my update to Ryker Justice. His "Reaper of Justice" persona is very Finn Balor Demon Inspired but use him as you will! Signatures Canadian backbreaker 2 "Scales of Justice" Forearm Smash to Bulldog "Go with Liberty..." Finishers Military Drop Uppercut "Hammer of Justice" Falling Powerbomb "...and Justice for all" Look forward to more recreations and if any of you remember me from so many years ago, feel free to recommend any guys you'd like to see! EDIT: HE IS UPLOADED Tags are Cawsws Rykerjustice original
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