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Found 3 results

  1. Hiya folks, I am back and already working on creations as we speak…I will be mainly focusing on the indies and talent from other companies as that has always been my ballpark - both male and female wrestlers who have snagged my interest. Edith Surreal - UPLOADED tags: Edith, Surreal, GCW. ‘The Librarian’ Leva Bates - UPLOADED tags: Leva, AEW, SHIMMER. Tiana Ringer - UPLOADED tags: SHIMMER, Indy. Malia Hosaka ‘MDM’ - UPLOADED tags: SHIMMER, WCW. Kaitlyn Marie - UPLOADED tags: Diva, Kaitlyn, Indy. Jetta - UPLOADED tags: SHIMMER, Jetta, UK Ella Envy - UPLOADED tags: Ella, Envy, AEW Francine - UPLOADED tags: ECW, Diva, Francine. Dawn Marie - UPLOADED tags: ECW, Diva, Dawn. Beulah - UPLOADED tags: ECW, Beulah, Diva. Candy Lee - UPLOADED tags: Diva, CandyLee, Candy. SUPERSTAR ATTIRES: STACY KEIBLER (No Mercy 2001 Lingerie Match) - UPLOADED tags: StacyKeibler, Stacy and Diva. As always a massive thank you to Dumeka/Saturi for their continued support with logos and WizardOfThay for face textures.
  2. Hey all, I'm back again. Had a lot of fun creating in 2k19 so I'm back trying to put a dent into my old creations and some new ones! Here's what I've got so far. Attached in this post (hopefully) are The Ascension: Konnor and Viktor The Cabinet: Doug and Danny Basham and Orlando Jordan La Resistance: Rene Dupree, Sylvain Grenier and Rob Conway The Dudley Boyz WWE: Bubba, D-Von and Spike
  3. WORLD ALL-STAR FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP (WAFC) is a virtual promotion based on the universe mode,booked and announced by ThefightersDen (YT channel link here ). you may know him from his fighting game videos,specially his Mortal kombat lore and rise and fall series But you may ask,why should i watch WAFC? so lets look at some reasons why : ROSTER : wafc have a roster of career jobbers and all time greats .from fighting games,martial arts movies,pro-wrestling legends and anime.so the big boys such as WHITE BEARD,SHAO-KAHN,NEW JACK,CHUN LEE,KING(tekken) will carry the show while jobbers and under-utilized characters such as KANO,CYRAX,KOTAL KAHN(mortal kombat) PORTGAS D ACE , GUILE and DAN(street fighter) get the chance to shine. and no goofy characters like mario bros,bugs bunny etc.theme of the show has been preserved since 2020 when the show started. BOOKING : the show is booked by the fightersden,he knows his stuff,from the pro-wrestling aspect to the lore of the characters,so matches are booked according to the characters of each individual and storylines capitalizes on the existing storylines and possible dream matches or grudge matches. ALSO, THE COMMENTARY is generally laid back and on point,but it gets dramatic and sometimes hilarious when in needs to. FUN SHOW : between the bugs,stupid AI,universe mode shinanigans,you never know what may happens on the show...you will have a fun time getting invested at the storyline while laughing at the stupid AI and how weird or surprising things may turn out HERE ARE SOME OF THE BEST SHOWS AND HIGHLIGHTS FROM WAFC: WHITEBEARD HIGHLIGHTS : SHAO KAHN HIGHLIGHTS : RAIN HIGHLIGHTS : EP 66 : ONE OF THE LIVE SHOWS FROM THE OG CHANNEL : Background on some characters : WATCH WAFC EVERY SUNDAY ON THE WRESTLERSDEN (LINK ) AND OLD SHOWS HERE (LINK ) World_All-Star_Championship_Intro.mp4
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