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Found 1 result

  1. First started with the introduction of Universe Mode proper on 2K14, but some of the roster I have been creating on and off for way before then, the first being WWF Smackdown ‘’Shut Your Mouth’’ so by Debut, I mean first created. The promotion started as WAW, as I found a logo from someone on 2K14 Community Showcase, it now is PWA and would be in the size of a modern day RoH/NXT with the ascetics arena wise like a current AEW. The promotions tagline being ‘’Pure Wrestling, Pure Talent’’. This means the wrestling is what matters, not the theatrics. Since 2K15 introduced custom logos, I was then able to design my own finally, I was never good with the paint tool, so just used others. There are two shows and one is dedicated to the Junior Pro Division. They are called Adrenaline and Ignition. The current roster are mostly in their prime with a few older and younger talents. Championships and Notable Histories in Rank of Prestige As I can only really track back to 2K15, I have decided to restart from there. The championship history will roughly be as follows and regularly update through the WWE Games Series PWA World Championship establish 2K15 The World Championship is that is the be all and end all of the company, only main event stars will feud over it, and that scene should only ever be about 6 people deep. Chad Hardy will be the most decorated, holding the Championship 5 times. The Machine his main rival would be a 4 time champion and has held the title longer than anyone else of over a year, spanning 2K15-2K16. Barry Ryan, BB Blake and Chimera would be 2 time champions. Other Champions include: BB Blake Kidd Cool Max Stevens Logan Xander PWA Atlantic Championship established 2K15 The PWA Atlantic Championship is held by mainly upper-mid card talents and the odd Main Eventer, The Championship is booked really well and the scene is stacked with former World Champions and Main Eventers BB Blake is the most notable champion, and has held it 6 times. Barry Ryan has held the belt the longest in his sole reign. Kidd Cool has held the belt 3 times and so has All Star Jones. Other Champions Include: David Jacob Jacob Cass Carter Blakheart Logan Xander Miami Jackson Max Stevens PWA Junior Pro Crown Championship established 2K15 The now named Junior Pro Division, dedicated to high octane, fast paced and high flying wrestling is mainly showcased on PWA Adrenaline. Kidd Cool will be the most famous Junior Pro, holding the belt 5 times. All Star Jones has held the belt 3 times and Noah Bennett is the longest reigning champion. Other Champions Include: Miami Jackson BB Blake Monfero PWA United States Championship established 2K19 Introduced to make the help elevate talent and further sustain prestige to other championships, mid carder and upper-mid carders a like would feud over this Max Stevens has held the belt twice, other champions include Chimera and Myles Brewer. PWA Womens Championship established 2K15 The Womens division on PWA is a main stay of the promotion and features heavily on any PPV Rachel Van Der Beck is the most decorated, she has held the title 3 times. Tia Sin and Casey Matthews have held the championship twice. Matthews now has the longest reign. PWA Tag Team Championship established 2K15 PWA hosts one of the most stacked Tag Team division in Pro Wrestling, real or fictitious. Hollywood are the most decorated with 4 reigns as champions and singles run for Jacob Cass. Harlem Hustle have held the belts twice. The longest reign is Hardiron. PWA Television Championship established 2K15 This start out Championship is where most people moving up that card would face taste gold, low to mid card championship The most reigns would fall too Miami Jackson when he moved up through the division, holding the belt 3 times. BB Blake has held it once. The longest reign would be Tank. Other Champions Include: Max Stevens Wrath Big Man Sullivan Wildside PWA Octane Championship establish 2K19 AJ Gutierrez is the first champion, Monfero is the second. Can’t say more. PPV Names Jan: Ignition: Warning Feb: Fracture March: Worlds End April: Ignition: UK May: End Game June: Invasion July: Victory Parade (Independence Day Inspired) Aug: Wrestle Paradise (Holiday/Summer) Sep: Adrenaline Special (Jnr Pro Only) Oct: Halloween Hallow Nov: Big City Lights Dec: Ignition: Christmassacre
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