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Found 13 results

  1. Mani-Man

    Sound pack?

    So i was wondering if there is somewhere a ressource pack or so with all the sound files that some Feds use. The crowd noise, the punch sound effects, mat slam sound etc. Im trying to get more into the Highlight reel side of the Feds and for that i need the sound effects, so i was wondering if there is a Zip pack or so out there that has those sound effects?
  2. Sup guys it's been a long time since I have been here. I'm back to show off you creations for 2K22. "The Devil" Blade Myers: "God of War" Blake Harnage: Bull Dooley: "Creator of Giants" Drengur Bjornsson: "The Octopus" Jack Snyder: "The Assassain" Kazuo Nagashi: Oni: Punt Dooley: Spaz Dooley: Tenko:
  3. Hi, i looking for caw's that are not real wrestler. Main looking for custom tag teams, stables men and women with ready movesets, if it's possible it would be great without DLC
  4. I'm Trying to Create Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Caw For WWWE 2k22. I'm just about done, but I'm missing his tattoos. I'm having a hard time finding a decent photo render with his tattoos, & I was wondering is there anyone in the community that can help me with this issue. Maybe there is someone who can recreate the tattoos for me or can Point me in the right direction. Tbh I'm not sure what I'm asking. but I spent 2 dayz creating his face texture & photo render for the CAW. I'm just missing his tattoos.
  5. RYBACK CAW Includes the HIAC 2012 and Late 2016 attire, complete moveset and render. Tags: Ryback, DougHhhH. Twitter: @DougH50 Any kind of feedback is appreciated. I'm not the best at taking pictures, so the CAW might look better than how it looks in the pictures. Have fun!
  6. Hello. Did anyone make a Rocky Romero Caw for wwe2k22? Been searching and haven't found him yet. I wonder if he is under a different tag
  7. Move Set: Randy Orton Finisher: Jumping Head Butt or Sleeper Hold Entrance: Steve Austin or Your Choice Nickname: Your Choice Height: 6'4 (1.94m) Face Type: 5 Face Shape HEAD SHAPE: 54,47,79,52 SKULL SHAPE: DEFAULT CHEEK SHAPE: 51,59,49,39 EAR SHAPE: 91,89,50,99 BROW SHAPE: 26,41,50,20,35 EYE SHAPE: 31,58,53,49,51,62,50 NOSE SHAPE: 50,92,52,47,64,49,51,49,55 MOUTH SHAPE: 50,0,15,45,47,43,49 JAW SHAPE: 58,51,49,53,52 Eye Color: 0,2,8 Eyebrows: 26/4,2,8 Hair Style: 42/6,2,8 Skin Type: 1/16,5,8 Definition: 1 TORSO HAIR: 6/0,1,10 ARM HAIR: 2/0,1,10 LEG HAIR: 2/2,2,8 Body Shape OVERALL: 57 CHEST: 60,53,51 SHOULDERS: 35,16,27 ABDOMEN: 45,57,51 WAIST: 72,51 ARMS: 32,35 HANDS: 52 LEGS: 47,48 FEET: 52 Tights: 4/2,27,2 BOTH Boots: 4/0,1,10 BOTH
  8. Name: Buddy Rogers Move Set: Mr. Perfect Finisher: Sharpshooter (very similar to the figure four leg lock) Entrance: Randy Savage Nickname: The Natural Height 6'0 (1.83m) Face Type: 5 Face Shape Head Shape: 75,51,58,52 Skull Shape: 62,51,60,55,50,50 Cheek Shape: DEFAULT Ear Shape: 88,86,57,99 Brow Shape: 0,85,53,61,43 Eye Shape: 63,55,38,51,59,53,49 Nose Shape: 50,11,53,54,84,59,50,60,49 Mouth Shape: 51,18,28,37,47,52,51 Jaw Shape: 59,50,69,45,50 Eye Color: 4,15,8 Eyebrow Color: 7,3,9 Eyebrows: 8 Hair Style: 36/13,4,6 Skin Type: 1/16,3,8 Definition: 9 Body Shape Overall: 56 Chest: 52,47,49 Shoulders: 24,17,36 Abdomen: 64,62,40 Waist: 65,59 Arms: 24,22 Hands: 30 Legs: 56,57 Feet: 55 Tights: 4/0,1,10 Knee Pads BOTH 12/0,1,10 Boots: 10/0,1,10/20,1,10
  9. Hello, I'm new to the site but i've been making caws for a while, and I wanted to start sharing some but that's for another post. What I want to ask is if someone has or knows where to get a good Sean O'Haire face photo, cause I want to make him in to WWE 2K22
  10. Here's my Nick Wayne so far. Still tweakin' the face if you have any notes hmu. Attire is from DEFY Brutalist VS. Joey Janela. Got the real PNG's for the jersey from Stiffblade Apparel.
  11. I’m building my caw league and it would be nice to have a character from Animal Crossing to be in it. It could a villager like Cyd or A npc like KK Slider or Tom Nook
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