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Found 3 results

  1. Formerly known as the GMPorium, but since I'm not using that name anymore, and introducing a competing brand vs GRPW, welcome. Of course, this is just a placeholder while I wait for my copy to arrive. So, lets go! VS GRPW Roster Project Wrestling Roster LIMITLESS Pro Wrestling Roster
  2. I would like to see more NJPW and AEW guys on the PC version of WWE 2k20. There is only a select few New Japan guys. There is a few creators on there like Ciphro and Mr.Humphrey who are pretty good. I'd like to see a Shingo Takagi or Ishii from them.
  3. MY PSN ID IS : H-Brothers22 Search : HB22 Or the name of the wrestler or ROH , TNA Caws are uploaded are : =================================================== AJ STYLES RETRO : 187 DOWNLOADS BOOBY ROODE : 533 DOWNLOADS CHRISTOPHER DANIELS : 427 DOWNLOADS ETHAN CARTER III : 221 DOWNLOADS RING OF HONOR ARENA 2004 : 40 DOWNLOADS KAZARIAN : JUST UPLOADED AFTER HAVING THE SILVER ALEX SHELLEY NIGEL MCGUINNESS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CAWS ARE DONE BUT Still didnt upload till the next rank: ALEX KOSLOV : still to come ANDREW EVERETT : still to come MARTY SCURLL : still to come =================================================== TOTAL DOWNLOADS : 2009 I HOPE YOU Like my work , dont forget to leave your opinion to suport me
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