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Found 11 results

  1. Here we are again; will be tackling my OC's as usual. Big change here is that we are cutting the fellas, and some attire edits might show up as well. Starting on the 5th, and will *try* to get 2 OC's out a day...and maybe one attire edit.
  2. Hi guys, I hope you liked it, soon (maybe) more caws. Search: CM Punk + Most Recent
  3. "The Devil" Blade Myers: "The Horseman" Blake Harnage: Bull Dooley: Will add photo's soon. "Creator of Giants" Drengur Bjornsson: Will add photo's soon. "The Psychopath" Gavin Krueger: Will add photo's soon. "The Assassin" Kazuo Nakashi: Punt Dooley: Will add photo's soon. "The Standard" Scott O'Dell: (Hungrywolf80's CAW my Version) Will add photo's soon. Spaz Dooley: Will add photo's soon.
  4. Hi everyone I'm new here but have been playing wrestling games since the WrestleMania on NES so I know the typical B.S. we go through every year and obviously this is a rough year to say the least. To get to the point I'm on Xbox One and since the most recent update 1.09 I think is the number. Anyway since then I have had some extreme loading times when I use some of the creation modes specifically Create a moveset and Create a Superstar/Edit Custom superstars. When I select said modes they began to load as normal the white bar fills then transitions to the next screen to load up the selection of Wrestlers to edit appearance/Moveset the red circle spins for anywhere from 5-10 minutes before any wrestlers show up on the selection menu. Then after finishing the edits and saving or backing my out without saving the same thing happens another 5-10 minutes of loading before any wrestlers show up to select. I also get the same crazy load times when going to community creations/Downloads. When wrestlers finally show up I can browse just fine but if I download anything or view anything and back out another 10 minutes of loading. I've tried reinstalling the game, clearing the cache, a power drain and deleting the reserved space but nothing works. Also I should mention other accounts on my Xbox load fine with no issues. I'm on my 3rd save due to the previous 2 being corrupted and don't have the patience to go unlock the few dlc items I care about or reupload my logos. 2k won't help me the support guy just kept going on about the my player character progress is on the cloud. I have no idea why I never mentioned my player and he's only half right yes it's on the cloud through Xbox/PlayStation cloud saves but it's not stored on their servers so if a save becomes corrupted and then syncs to the cloud before you can delete it off your system you will lose all progress like I did, the curse of fast internet. Any way that's irrelevant because that's not my problem I just wanted to mention how horrible the support is. If any one has any ideas how to fix this I'd greatly appreciate. Sorry my post is so long I just wanted to make sure I added every detail.
  5. My 1st foray into re-creating my CAWs from 2k18 and 2k19. Hashtags: #ANDREDANIELS, #HITSQUAD Andre Daniels (leader of "The Hit Squad" on my WWE Universe) 6'4, 215lbs out of Atlanta, Georgia https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ERbnwI6YPszWFloaxEa4vUvLDHiHlRVp
  6. Hey everybody this is my firt year doing universe and im not super good with creating wrestlers yet. I would love to have an acurate version of new impact signee chri bey. If any one can help please let me know.. This is a great community with lots of awesome work!
  7. So After watching MLW and The Opera Cup, I decided to jump into creating some of their wrestlers. Started with Brian Pillman JNR, now this is the first time i have attempted a real life CAW, but... Well have a look. I was not sure until the man himself tweeted out this creation. More than happy. That said, the attire is not 100%, but I have worked hard all the other aspects.
  8. Please close my other if you like I have decided to dub any new WWE2K19 creations. Season 2. As WWE2K20 is broken. First off: Myles Brewer: Debut: WWE2K19 From: Phoenix Arizona 6’2 Age: Mid 20’s 1 x PWA Us Champion Kind of gifted to me/requested to improve on from my Facebook page. Myles is the muscle of The Dominion Stable, arriving through the crowd and attacking Max Stevens. He feuded with Noah Bennett before going on to win the US Championship. He’s been steady since with the a few defences under his belt. Has a mixed Baron Corbin/Alistar Black kind of moveset. Signature: HellBrew Kick (Helluva Kick) Finisher: Brewer Cutter (Rolling Cutter) Killshot: Debut: WWE2K19 From: Greece 6’6 Age: Mid 20’s Powerfull greek wrestler signed to PWA after a tour of Europe. He's not the most mobile but packs a heavy hit once he has you in his grip. I have watched simmed matches with him, using a Lars Sullivan, Brawn Strowman like moveset, once he gets a few big moves in, he will usually win. Signature: Greek Mountain (Diving Body Splash) Finisher: Killshot Complete (Alpamare Waterslide) Sabala: Debut: WWE2K18 From: Tijuana, Mexico 5’10 Age: Late20’s-Early 30’s The high flying lucha star made his debut last year, Sabala of Mexico is a tough small luchadores’. His arsenal consists of spring board high flying offence and quick manoeuvres. Still finding his feet, he is sure to be a merchandise hit though. His new ‘’Trickshot’’ attire, inspired but the 8 Ball Character on Fortnite is like Finn’s Demon, his tougher, more aggressive persona. Finisher: Sabala Moonsalt (Corkscrew Moonsalt) Sabala Driver (Metalik Driver) Signature: Spring Sabala bala (Spring Board Elbow Drop) British Muscle: Debut: WWE12K14 From: Leeds, England 6’2 and 6’1 Age: Both early – mid 30’s 3 x PWA Tag Team Champions From the mean streets of Leeds, Will Sapp and Alex Mann make British Muscle, this hard hitting tag team take no prisoners. They are a blend of The OC and HHH in ring style and tenacity. Brutal and punishing, they make their own path to championships and have been a stay in PWA for many a year. Finisher Yorkshire Promise (Magic Killer)
  9. hey guys here i got a caw that i made of sting, hope you enjoy it, i'll post a couple of help pics and pics of the caw with and without face paint, hope you like it! this is how the caw looks without face paint side https://imageshack.com/i/nm7q4mj front https://imageshack.com/i/nmapkkj pic with the facepaint front https://imageshack.com/i/nd19l6gj full body pics match display side https://imageshack.com/i/n1yakwj front https://imageshack.com/i/ncaaufj full body pics entrance display back https://imageshack.com/i/n993odxj front https://imageshack.com/i/npda8pj side https://imageshack.com/i/mvxlenj here are the help pics help pic n°1 https://imageshack.com/i/muyfm7j help pic n°2 https://imageshack.com/i/nlf72jj help pic n°3 https://imageshack.com/i/nesnldcj H = Horizontal V = Vertical -PROFILE- Name: Sting HUD Name: Sting Nick Name: "The Icon" Nickname Placement: Prefix Announcer Introduction: The Icon Hometown: Venice Beach, California Gender: Male (Obviously) Weight Class: 255 lbs. Heavyweight Match Tactic: Fight clean Show: Your Choice Voice: Voice-3 Morphing -HEAD- Size: 15 Height: -10 Width: 50 Depth: 40 -EYEBROWS- Y-Axis Position: 55 Thickness: 10 Depht: 40 Angle: 55 -EYES- Size: -25 Height: 10 Width: 10 Y-Axis Position: -100 X-Axis Position: 5 Depth: 0 Angle: -5 -NOSE- Size: 25 Height: 95 Width: 35 Lenght: 5 Nostrils Height: -30 Nostrils Width: -15 Angle: 30 Arc: 15 -CHEEK- Size: 5 Y-Axis Width: 5 X-Axis Width: 0 Depth: 0 -MOUTH- Height: 100 Thickness: 10 Horizontal Width: -85 Depth: 10 Upper Lip Shape: 40 Lower Lip Shape: 30 Angle: 25 -JAW- Height: 45 Hoizontal Width: 5 Depth: 25 Outline: -20 Upper Line: -65 Thickness: 10 -EAR- Size: 0 Angle1: 10 Angle2: 20 Shape: 0 -AGE- 45 -BODY MORPHING- Body Height: 6'2"/6'3" -HEAD- Height: 0 Width: -35 Depth: -10 -NECK- Height: -40 Width: 10 Depth: 15 -CHEST- Height: 0 Width: -10 Depth: -5 -SHOULDERS- Height: -55 Width: 0 Depth: -35 -ABDOMEN- Height: -35 Width: 10 Depth: -10 -WAIST- Width: -15 Depth: -10 -ARMS- Length: 0 Upper Arm: -10 Forearm: -15 -HANDS- DEFAULT -LEGS- Lenght: 0 Width: 5 Depth: 0 -FEET- DEFAULT A.I. Fighting Style 1: Luchador A.I. Fighting Style 2: Balanced Crowd Signs: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, 450 Splash LAYERS Lip: #27 colour: -100, shade: 49, brightness: 44, transparency: 100 Face Skin: #1 colour: 96, shade: 49, brightness: 50 Hair: #22 colour: 96, shade: 52, brightness: 37 Facial Hair/Other: #13 colour: 96, shade: 50, brightness: 50, transparency: 12 Facial Hair/Other: #20 colour: 96, shade: 50, brightness: 50, transparency: 23 Goatee: #3 colour: 92, shade: 50, brightness: 33, transparency: 100 Make Up: #130 colour: 97 shade: 52, brightness: 50, transparency: 100 Tattoo/Head/WWE: #59 (smallest horizontal, 2nd smallest vertical, place on chin) colour: 83, shade: 0, brightness: 0, transparency: 55 Eyebrows: #30 colour: 95 shade: 50 , brightness: 45 , transparency: 100 Shoes: #4 colour: 43 shade: 0 , brightness: 15 Gloves: #8 colour: shade: 43 , brightness: 15 Costume: #13 colour: 43, shade: 0, brightness: 15, transparency: 100 Leg Paint: #25 colour: 5, shade: 0, brightness: 65, transparency: 90 Head Paint: #60 colour:88 , shade: 53, brightness: 62, transparency: 60 Head Paint: #56 colour: 0, shade: 0, brightness: 12, transparency: 100 Head Tattoo/Design: #147 (Help 1 Pic, biggest h, 2nd biggest v) colour: 92, shade: 10, brightness: 78, transparency: 100 Head Tattoo/Design: #147 (Help 1 Pic, biggest h, 2nd biggest v) colour: 92, shade: 10, brightness: 78, transparency: 100 (Do the process of the above on separate cheeks) Head Tattoo/Design: #153 (Help 2 Pic, 2nd biggest H & V) colour: 92, shade: 10, brightness: 78, transparency: 100 Head Paint: #37 colour: 100, shade: 60, brightness: 55, transparency: 100 Head Paint: #50 colour: 100, shade: 72, brightness: 50, transparency: 100 Make Up: #133 colour: 96, shade: 0, brightness: 20, transparency: 100 Make Up: #115 colour: 92, shade: 36, brightness: 81, transparency: 100 Coat: #5(Entrance Only) colour: 43, shade: 0, brightness: 13 Body Paint: #42(Entrance Only) colour: 100, shade: 50, brightness: 50, transparency: 100 Head Tattoo/Letter/Sign/Page 1 Pick the parentesis (Help 3 Pic, Biggest H & V) colour: 38, shade: 0, brightness: 0, transparency: 100 Head Tattoo/Letter/Sign/Page 1 Pick the parentesis, Rotate X3 (Help 3 Pic, Biggest H & V) colour: 38, shade: 0, brightness: 0, transparency: 100 ADVICES if you gonna use face paint, disable the make up #130, i placed that just to make the caw look like the real life sting without face paint for better look of the facepaint you can move the Y-Axis of the eyebrows from 55 to 75 make sure all the facial hair including the logo used as a goatee are above the face paint (if you want you can place all of them below the face paint except for the logo used as a goatee) WARNING Make sure to make the caw in the order shown above otherwise some layers may not look as the pictures i've posted above Enjoy It! if i made any mistake or violated any rule of the page, let me know it so i can fix it, i'm new in this page and i wanted to just share my creation with all of you, there are no bad intentions at all
  10. G  Gaming

    Xia Li!

    Hello everyone my favorite wrestler is Xia Li and i was alittle upset that she didn't make it in the game....so i was hoping if i could get some help finding or making good face photos since i don't exactly know what would qualify as good
  11. Each year I do the PWA Universe, it has continuity and I track the championships aswell. I haver just started it off this year. Everything will be under the search tag: #TheMoominBrand *NOTE, THE UNIVERSE HAS BEEN RESET SO TO SPEAK, HERE ARE SOME RECORDS TO NOTE, THE UNIVERSE I DO NOW STARTED WWE2K14, THE CAWS GO BACK FURTHER OF COURSE BUT TO KEEP SOME REGULARITY AND THE FACT I ACTUALLY HAVE DOCUMENTS/POST FROM WWE2K14 ONWARDS I THOUGHT WHAT THE HECK* Records/Champions: PWA World Championship Chad Hardy has won the PWA World Championship 5 Times. The Machine has held the title the longest and has 3 reigns. Other Former World Champions include: Chimera Kid Cool Barry Ryan BB Blake Max Stevens PWA Atlantic Championship BB Blake has held the belt 6 times. Barry Ryan has held it the longest. Former Champions Include: Kid Cool Chad Hardy Tank All Star Jones PWA TV Championship (Established WWE2K16) Miami Jackson in his old, Kyle Jones gimmick has held the belt 3 times, Tank has held the championship the longest Former Champions Include: Wrath Big Man Sullivan (No longer Active) Max Stevens Barry Ryan Azrael PWA Junior Heavyweight World Championship All Star Jones has held the title 4 times Noah Bennett and Kidd Cool have held the title 3 times Scotty Marco held the title the longest Former Champions Include: Azrael BB Blake Monfero PWA Tag Team Championship Other than Hollywood having multiple reigns and Hardiron the longest, the teams in my current rendition have all been champions once. Also, Chad Hardy has held the belts with Machine and Carter Blak for his 2 times. PWA Womens Championship Sin has held the championship 3 times. Rachel Van Der Beck has held the championship the longest Casey Matthew however has held the belt since my last Universe and would be closing in on that. US and Octane Championships These are new to WWE2K19 AS CHAD HARDY HAS HELD THE WORLD, ATLANTIC AND TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS HE IS THE ONLY TRIPLE CROWN CHAMPION IN THE PWA. KIDD COOL AND BB BLAKE HOWEVER WOULD NEED A TAG TEAM REIGN TO JOIN HIM AND THE MACHINE AN ATLANTIC REIGN. Barry Ryan (The Phoenix) Debut WWE2K14 From Washington DC Approx Age 32 2 x World Heavyweight Champion 1 x Atlantic Champion 1 x TV Champion Okay, when first set out, was an egotistic prick and Badman. In WWE2K18, I changed his gimmick, the death of his family hit him hard, he turned to drink and drugs, with the help of the PWA Board and staff, he was given another chance, he raised from the ashes so to speak like the phoenix and came out to challenge Chad Hardy and didn't look back since, his attire and new ink represents his changes, cross on his back with phoenix wings, daughter on his arm and wife on his chest, close to his heart. Finisher/Signitature: Bad Man Brain Buster Diving Headbutt Here is his Entrance and Some Moves https://youtu.be/33Do14_lWig
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