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Found 3 results

  1. Alright so I’m in the process of making a very good looking AJ Styles attire (about the WrestleMania 32 attire) I just need the logos he has on his tights. I need his red “strings” yknow the things he has on his legs that are red and are going across his leg from his belt. He only wore them once and google just doesn’t wanna search them up. I just don’t know what they’re called, and every time I search wm32 attire on Google. No great results come up. It’d be very greatly appreciated if y’all can make the logos. I’ve never made any requests here before so yeah. Thanks in advance y’all.
  2. Hi there. Since the game came out, I've been working on updating the WWE arenas to the current Raw and Smackdown setups. Due to the current stage setups, I have had to take some liberties with the designs but I think they are accurate to what we are seeing on TV each week. Please note that I have uploaded them as shows (unless stated otherwise) due to the upload manager not letting me upload them as arenas. Hope you enjoy them! RAW *UPLOADED AS AN ARENA* Hashtags: RAW 2016, MJM27M, CAWS.WS Update: I have changed the ring aprons and the stage/ramp - there's nothing that comes close to what WWE are using currently and since the stage is only slightly elevated, I figured that having a flat stage would be better than using one that was elevated. Plus the one I had before disabled fighting in the crowd, so... SMACKDOWN LIVE *UPLOADED AS AN ARENA* Hashtags: SMACKDOWN, MJM27M, CAWS.WS Update: New ring apron. CLASH OF CHAMPIONS *UPLOADED AS A SHOW* Hashtags: CLASH OF CHAMPIONS, MJM27M, CAWS.WS BACKLASH *UPLOADED AS A SHOW* HASHTAGS: BACKLASH, MJM27M, CAW.WS SURVIVOR SERIES *UPDATED AS A SHOW* Hashtags: SURVIVOR SERIES, MJM27M, CAWS.WS SUMMERSLAM *UPDATED AS AN ARENA* Hashtags: SUMMERSLAM, MJM27M, CAWS.WS HELL IN A CELL *UPDATED AS AN ARENA* Hashtags: HELL IN A CELL, MJM27M, CAWS.WS Notes: Although WWE always do the Susan G Komen set up in October, I have decided not to do it (they don't do it in the games anyway) ROADBLOCK: END OF THE LINE *UPLOADED AS A SHOW* Hashtags: ROADBLOCK, END OF THE LINE, CAWS.WS More arenas to come. Old versions
  3. Let's take a look back at April 2014 when Eva Marie competed in a Battle Royal for a shot at the WWE Divas Championship Now, let's see her compete on January 2016 in another battle royal for the NXT Women's Championship
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