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Found 1 result

  1. Hello to all of you beautiful people out there! I am pleased to announce the beginning of creations by yours truly for the Steam version of WWE 2K19! First off, may I present the project that has lasted for the longest amount of time and has seen multiple rendition improvements over the course of over two years... That's right! Using the CAW Creation tools, there is now a very detailed set of Hogans out there! Those who do not want to mod the game have another option for getting Hogan without even breaking a sweat. The tags to find these Hogan CAWS are listed as followed: Shawny's Creation Suite, CAWS.ws/Smacktalks.org, Hulk Hogan, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, and Mr. America. As for the ten sets, this is the order that they are in: WCW Hulk Hogan '95-99, WCW Hulk Hogan '99-00, WCW nWo Hogan '96-97, WCW nWo Hogan '97-98, WCW nWo Hogan '98-99, WCW nWo Hogan '00, WWF nWo Hogan '02, WWF/WWE Hogan '02-03, WWE Mr. America '03, and lastly WWE Hogan '05-06. Credits: Google Images, StutterStock (for some tie-dye vector patterns), Some textures directly utilized from past WWE game texture rips, Peja12 for some of the textures that he utilized for his Hogans, Defract for his Hulk Hogan face texture, Handlebar mustache, various logos and for the chest/body tattoo, EldarStorm (WCW nWo boot flames), DIGI Byte (WWF nWo and WWF/WWE Hulkamania boot flames), Tekken57 (Hogan's WCW Late '90's tie-dye wrestling tights texture via his 2K19 attire creation suite mod), and Myself for user-made textures, moveset (heavily inspired by Righteous Productions), and piecing it all together. Also for the Hogans, there are some custom images that are used for the Titantron and want to share them as well, however you will need to upload the images to the WWE 2K Image Uploader site for it to work, as well as following a tutorial that was done on SmackTalk's YT channel. https://www.dropbox.com/s/seid7ncs7d70n54/shawny's hogan titantron image set.rar?dl=0 As for the tutorial, that is located here. Up next we have a few shows that have been created, which are as followed: WrestleMania XXVI (26), WrestleMania XXXVI (36), RAW ThunderDome '21, SmackDown ThunderDome '21, and WrestleMania XIX (19). Credits: WWE 2K past games for XXVI's textures and XIX's Ring Apron textures, Th_Shark_Club for XXXVI (36), RAW & SmackDown ThunderDome, and myself for WM XIX's Minitron & logos. Credits: Dustin-Baton_Works (Middle Minitron), ClickinGuy69 (WWF RAW 2002 Ring Apron Side One), DarkVoidPicture (WWF RAW 2002 Ring Apron Side Two), Aguila316 (WWF RAW 2002 Side Titantrons logo), Google for show logos, and Myself for the TNN logo, and both left and right Minitrons. More content will be around in the near future, so keep an eye out for it. For now, enjoy!
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