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Found 1 result

  1. Search tags will be the same for all Jeff Hardy slots. Search Tags: JEFF HARDY, HFM, HARDYZ-WONT_DIE Slot 1 Green & Blue Tie Dye, Turning Point 2012, WrestleMania 25 + Sky Blue Spandex Slot 2 Black Armbands with "Framed" Shirt, Extreme Rules 2018 + Genesis 2013 (last 2 attires) Slot 3 White Armbands with "Abstraction" shirt, Red Spandex with "Framed" Shirt, Turning Point 2011 + Bound For Glory 2010 Slot 4 July 4th 2018 (first 2 attires), July 25 2013 + Bound For Glory 2013 Slot 5 Black Armbands over Mesh witch "Stone Cross" shirt, White & Black Tie Dye, White & Black Armbands over Mesh + Camouflage Spandex Slot 6 Pink & Black Armbands with "Resurrected" Shirt (think that's the shirts name), Stretcher Match, Black & White Armbands with "Time & Fate* shirt + April 26 2012 Slot 7 Purple Tye Die & Yellow Armbands, Black & White armbands with black & white "Immune To Fear" shirt, Old School Green & purple Shirt + WrestleMania 23 Slot 8 6-Man Tag with Matt Hardy & John Morrsion vs CM Punk & The Hart Dynasty with "Immune To Fear" Shirt, Loser Leaves WWE Cage Match vs CM Punk, SummerSlam 2009 + Gold Spandex with "Through Tha Night" Shirt Kevin Owens Search Tags: KEVIN OWENS, HFM, HARDYZ-WONT_DIE Shinsuke Nakamura Search Tags: SHINSUKE NAKAMURA, HFM, HARDYZ-WONT_DIE Jeff Hardy Slot 9 Blue & Black Armbands with Rob Schamberger Artwork Shirt, October 30 2018, Yellow & Black Armbands + Green & Blue Lightning Sleeves Jeff Hardy Slot 10 Blue & Black Lightning Sleeves, Red & Black Armbands with Obsolete Shirt, Extreme Rules Match vs Undertaker + WWE Championship Celebration The Revival August 27, 2018 vs The B Team Scott's boots may look really plain and that's due to me covering up the wrinkles and whatnot with logos. They're the closest boots to what he wore with that attire but they have a zipper stripe on the inside and another stripe on the back. Wanted to try and be accurate so I covered those up and then had to cover up the rest as it was very obvious I covered up those areas. Search Tags: THE REVIVAL, HFM, HARDYZ-WONT_DIE Seth Rollins Search Tags: SETH ROLLINS, MONDAY NIGHT MESSIAH, HARDYZ-WONT_DIE Jeff Hardy Slot 11 Episode of SmackDown (not sure which one), Hell In A Cell 2019, Royal Rumble 2019, Elimination Chamber 2019 Matt Hardy WrestleMania 25, Purple Tights *FIXED BOOTS*
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