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  1. They haven't really left the audience to watch the next season though. I'm all for no shit cliff hangers but this almost feels like the end. Is Maggie still preggers btw?
  2. Worst Star Wars film and probably worst film this year.
  3. Five minutes in Atlantis when you know they filmed way more but edited it out. They bring back you know who the worst way possible The bad guy is the most generic bad guy ever. I couldn't even remember his name. When he took a box and flew up into the tube where did he go? No one knows Flash was an annoying little *Censored* They mad Batman be absolutely useless and made him go on a suicide mission at the end Aquaman pile of shit, he did nothing in the water to care about, he *censored*ing struggled holding off a burst pipe for *Censored* sake
  4. Hopefully the rappers giving there respects realise that this drug wave needs to stop. Never liked his music but he was openly gay/bisexual and that doesn't happen in the rap community so respect for that.
  5. He even sounds like Macklemore lmao. Eminem back with the trash, just retire man.
  6. The first part was how Fufu was banned, nothing to do with me Second part I was suspended due to my brother yeah What did your brother do lmao? Set up an account here and said some silly stuff. Muur got suspended along with him because of the matching IP addresses, I think mods thought he made an alt account and faked it being his brother or something. My brother had the account for like a year as well but him posting about how he thought the fake Kane was the original or some shit was seen as him/me trolling cuz lol I guess? had the IPs not matched, we/he would've been be punished for it I guess Why would that get you banned though? I don't understand what he said which was so bad?
  7. The first part was how Fufu was banned, nothing to do with me Second part I was suspended due to my brother yeah What did your brother do lmao?
  8. I'm on board for not body shaming. No one deserves that shit. But we shouldn't be advocating plus size models or over weight people as it's a detriment to there health. Yeah it's giving an audience a voice but surely on medical grounds they should be advised to lose the weight rather try and promote it?
  9. Who do you think will be the next 'long term rapper' I mean that by if you look now you have so many from the 90s up until 2010. Probably the latest are Drake, J Cole and Kendrick. But this new generation are saying they want to be in the game for 5 years and leave, I think a lot of them don't really have a choice because there audience won't allow them to stay any longer. I honestly can't see the next long term star. Migos, lil uzi, lil yachty, and many others just don't have the quality to last ten/fifteen years. We could be seeing the end of the height of hip hop
  10. Seeing as that PPV is regarded as the worst ever then I think Sabu got off lucky haha.
  11. Jay Z album although very eye opening and honest is very boring too. Not asking for mainstream bangers or anything like that but a lot of the album is dull. It's more his lyrics which is the most interesting part. Story Of OJ is up there with song of the year. DAMN quite easily the best rap album this year.
  12. I think that's what he was trying to say but I can't think of a time when Big show used to jump over the ropes?
  13. http://www.cracked.com/article_24844_5-reasons-why-good-actors-make-bad-films-that-arent-money.html #2 on the list explains why.
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