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  1. Im just having a hard time waiting, i need thisssss lol
  2. I saw all those , the 26 min , the transformation, vegeta vs frieza, goku vs frieza!
  3. Nope jap version is alright with me , i just wanna see the freaking movie lol Cam md jap version i dont care just wanna see it now!
  4. I have been looking for it everywhere and theres no trace of the movie a part from the 26 min video on YouTube and all other site are asking for survey and credit cards, but if you found it pls inbox me Plz.
  5. What's leaked? The movie?
  6. Did someone find the movie yet , i mean on the internet , i dont care if it is MD cam and japanness voice , i just wanna watch the damn movie lol , i try seaching it , but everytime it asked me to register so i know it's a scam.
  7. The entire movie is not on youtube? it's just link to servey ...... they all lead to werido site. or am i wrong?
  8. Can't wait till someone put it up online , i wanna see it right now.
  9. IT's not even called that way , its not even super sayain god , it's something close to it , but not super sayain god supersayain. Adn we already know Vegeta wont have his moment like we were told , that's suck. i already read up to whole movies on several website.
  10. Call of duty advance warfare , Resident evil 1 remake version , Dying light , GTA V , WWE 2k15 ( well not so much anymore ) Worms , Evil within.
  11. Frieza never tained in his life so , that make sense honestly. If he had never ever train and was just born this way hell ....why not?
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XDvaBoLNXw English dub , look at the top right to see the subtile. So frieza has been brought back as a new monster that is in a league of his own , and he has a new evolution?
  13. Seem cool , but i dont get how Frieza is even gonna be a challenge if they dont power him up a billion time.
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