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  1. I second this. I know you said no major updates until 2K20, but adding the 8 Breakout Tournament participants would complete the current TV roster and I feel like a lot of users on this site would be grateful for it.
  2. Both awesome dude Thanks. If anybody wants a similar cover featuring someone else, I'd be more than willing to make one.
  3. Decided I'd try my hand at making a cover or two. I'm not overly creative or good with Photoshop, but that being said, here are the two covers I designed. One is most likely wishful thinking, the other is likely the cover star/pre-order bonus.
  4. I like to keep my WWE 2K18 roster up-to-date by downloading CAWs from Community Creations. I'm not great at creatIng CAWs myself, so I would greatly appreciate if someone made Kona Reeves and Raul Mendoza from NXT, as the ones on Community Creations are not overly accurate. Thanks.
  5. @Squishy Thanks for clarifying, I was just a bit confused. That makes a lot more sense. Really liking the modified attributes in game.
  6. I've started to use these attribute edits and I'm a little confused as to why Dean Ambrose is only an 84, while someone like Eric Young is an 86. Not a criticism, just would like to hear your reasoning behind it.
  7. I'm looking for accurate NXT San Antonio and Riyal Rumble 17 arenas for PS4. I'm get to find one for either show.
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