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  1. The costumes and hair of those 3 are now usable I downloaded season pass and I don't notice any new female hairstyles.
  2. Thanks for uploading this. I wanted to see a list when I made caws to compare to the actual roster.
  3. After this patch I've had my first error pop up that made me stop the game... I wasn't too happy since I was in the middle of making a caw
  4. Hopefully logos can be deleted in a future patch.
  5. This happens to me all the time too.
  6. I've really enjoyed this game. I do wish though that all caw parts and hair be available to both genders. I sometimes notice that the ring announcer won't be in the ring when announcing but Idk if that is a bug. I also wish that the wrestler first in the ring wouldn't leave the ring when the opponent is coming to the ring. I also think there should be weight detection for the divas.
  7. When I play as divas I keep trying Natalya to try and get used to the submission system. I've downloaded a couple of diva caws and they are quite realistic.
  8. I notice many times after winning a match the ref and other wrestler are gone. Idk if it is a glitch but it shouldn't be like that. I also don't get why in showcase mode you get the Spanish announce team sitting but in exhibition mode no one is sitting at that table. I also notice in showcase I will hear the announcer but he isn't anywhere to be seen.
  9. I can't even go on it now. It keeps saying unable to communicate with wwe 2k15 server at this time...
  10. WWEGamesFan

    Facescan app

    I have been wondering about this too. Hopefully if is out soon. Wish they would say something about it.
  11. I am trying to do it properly but it's pretty hard. Sometimes I am able to submit someone but other times I've done 3 finishers and still can't submit someone.
  12. When I was tied up near the turnbuckle the referee separated us and the ref was outside the ring floating outside for a second.
  13. Maybe Rikishi's move will be reanimated for his showcase match with The Rock.
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