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  1. Skyrim: Special Edition My save on XB1 got *censored*ing FUBARD! So, had to start a new freekin' playthrough! Thank you Bethesda, thank you very much indeed!
  2. Fallout 4 Really liking FogOut with Darker Nights lvl 2, makes night and day looks so much better.
  3. Ahh.. Vice City, my favourite GTA side game too. Great soundtrack, great missions.
  4. Fallout 4 Went back to an older save, and just completed Nuka World. Now, time to become a Raider and Raid The Commonwealth! Preston is gonna be so *censored*ing pissed LOL
  5. Fallout 4 Doing a female playthrough as Nora, no changes to her looks. I have done a previous female playthrough but as someone else.
  6. Fallout: New Vegas (AGAIN!) Had to restart my recent playthrough.. got a *censored*ing freeze moment just as I saved and it corrupted. *censored*ing hate hate HATE this bug. Yes I do.
  7. I've got that armor mod (Fallout Commando), pretty cool too. I also use a plasma rifle/pistol mod (Accelerator Plasma Energy Weapon), goes well with the Commando outfit imo.
  8. Looks *censored*ing great, man. I dig the suit.. and this is going on my 'games to buy' list. Yes indeed.
  9. Got this on Monday, and had free time to watch it last night... and I enjoyed it. Parts of it I didn't like, but those were just minor nitpicks lol. Overall? Fantastic film.
  10. This. Make a few saves. It's what I did for my playthroughs. I have one that I have yet to finish. Doing a Legion playthrough, and nearly finished with it. Had a couple auto save *Censored* ups, but the main save is fine. I make a habit of saving before and after entering/exiting doors.
  11. Man, I hate those Vault quests. Especially Vault 34!! I get lost everytime I do those Quests lol/
  12. Attempting Fallout New Vegas on Hardcore Mode... so far, so good lol.
  13. Yah, this event is shitty lol. Embarrassing really.
  14. Watching this on Challenge TV lol, not too bad either. I haven't watched TNA since...... waaaay before Cancer (Hogan) and Poison (Bischoff) invaded!
  15. Currently replaying Goldeneye, probably my favourite N64 game of all time. I used to play this with my friend at weekends, awesome game.
  16. Hooked up my PS2 to re-play WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain! Was inspired after watching nL's HCTP stream on Youtube lol.
  17. Just started a playthrough with Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath on the Xbox 360.
  18. Currently re-playing the story mode with WATCH_DOGS on XB1, but this time.. I did all the side missions etc to upgrade the skills I was able to upgrade, so I was well prepared for the 'shit gone bad' style missions lol. I'm half way through, and enjoying it despite the flaws this game has.
  19. ... interesting. Though, that Falcon looks awesome!
  20. My mind is locked inside my own private world

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