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  1. 2 hours ago, CROSS-Out said:

    Tables and ladders I set up keep falling over on their own any time i pick someone up nearby. It's like this damn game fights you on every concievable level the second it detects you trying to set up ANYTHING half-way decently cool.

    I *censored*ing hate that. The mind boggles as to why they haven't fixed that yet.

  2. 7 hours ago, Generations said:

    I feel like...if you have a fight with a  coworker and shove them or something, that's something that can be worked through...but, when you *censored*ing bite someone, there is no world where it makes any sense to rehire you. Ever. For any reason.

    Yeah. Biting is what toddlers do at Nursery. Adults should know better. 

  3. 2 hours ago, CROSS-Out said:

    multiman matches are pure torture in this game, even more than previous games.

    It's partially because of the further sped up nature of the game (seriously, can we please just get a slider to slow down how long people are down for in general?) but also because the AI constantly flip-flops on targets. There's no consistency to who they go after, its "knock one person down, immediately turn on another even if they're across the ring in the middle of their own fight"; and since they removed the role out and recover mechanic (it's still there but the actual recovery and timing system is gone, so its just "roll out, get up immediately, get back in immediately) is gone, the entire fight feels like its on speed.

    But goddamn im having a blast with finally being able to use the bloody cross!

    During tag matches, they need to limit the amount of times the A.I breaks up the pins/submissions. 3 times would be fine. And yeah, we need sliders for the A.I in multiman matches.

  4. On 4/11/2023 at 5:50 AM, CROSS-Out said:

    I've had the AI for the referee break multiple times on the punt kick, and run in the way to get hit by it instead.

    Also im sure others have mentioned this bug, but I can't get referees to show up in custom arenas.

    Edit: AAAAAND the game crashed again during CAW creation. Despite them claiming they fixed that. I friggin give up.

    Yup. Crashed 3 times today when I was trying to make a new CAW! They need to get their finger out their ass and fix the BIG issues. *Censored* My Faction.

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