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  1. Ok, that shit pisses me off. On what reason do they justify giving out death threats? Not her fault. No it's not.
  2. Having watched a live stream of TLOU2? I'm glad I didn't waste my money on this.
  3. WEHHHHHHHAAALLLLLLL IT'S THE BIG JOKE! Anyway, wasn't too bad of a show tbh. Orton is having a great run in 2020, really enjoying the work he's putting into his heel role.
  4. Agreed. Worst WWE game since SVR 08.
  5. Edge and Randy showed up, didn't disappoint. Greatest match ever? Nah, they sure gave it a go though. Loved the match.
  6. Business sure did pick up bah gawd
  7. I have no words for what I've just watched. No I don't.
  8. Fallout: New Vegas [Old World Blues] Been AGES since I played that DLC, and boy have I missed it. Epic dialogue, best DLC in the game. Just started it, and having fun.
  9. I'll gladly wait til next year to switch to PS5.
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