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  1. That trailer made me a little uncomfortable. The plot appears to just be guy killing people for the sake of it. This game looks completely disturbing and it also looks like it'd get boring fast.
  2. So Chrisley's gonna finally debut on RAW next week
  3. Maybe this'll be an incentive for Punk to return. To finally main event a WrestleMania against Steve Austin, in which Punk, possibly goes over.
  4. So, I'm a Senior in high school this year, and we need a quote submitted by the end of the week. I wasn't sure what quote to use, and I was wondering if any of you know any good ones?
  5. "Reigns is hurt? .... Let's push Cena harder to make up for it."
  6. I've always thought Christian was better than Edge. Christian was just never really given a chance in WWE.
  7. If those are 360 pics then I'm extremely impressed. Just realized Current Hogan's in one of the pics, and he's a next gen exclusive
  8. I was hoping it'd be Jericho. He's leaving again soon anyways, they could use Brock to write Jericho off
  9. Is anyone else having buffering issues on the Xbox 360? It stops every 30 seconds to buffer
  10. No one. Everyone's too scared to step up, so Brock holds on to it until he gets bored and retires.
  11. So NXT is a Next-Gen exclusive? Just freaking wonderful.
  12. Where can we find the full renders?
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