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    Long walks on the beach and professional wrestling.
  1. Didn't realize it was a bug with AJ til I got on here. Explains why I couldn't get him.
  2. I was gonna get a KO one too but decided against it. I own a Bryan one and a Rollins one. Those will be the only ones I keep unless they do make an AJ one. I'd buy that in a heartbeat.
  3. Gotta get myself that Teddy shirt along with Kurt's. Took me a couple times to say the front in my head before I got it haha
  4. I'm getting that Kurt shirt. I'm so glad to see WWE merch for him again.
  5. Sweet! Can't wait to get mine!
  6. Was waiting to get Rollins' first new shirt but I think I'll take this one instead. Looks much better to me.
  7. I only have the Daniel Bryan funko (when it comes to wrestlers). Will be getting Rollins, Owens, & Wyatt tho.
  8. Def gonna get that Owens funko. Btw, Ryder's teasing a new shirt for himself on Twitter. About time after they gave him the IC title at 'Mania.
  9. My heart broke when I found out about Cody earlier. ;-;
  10. I love Sandow and hate that he's released. But I understand it from how his career has gone. IMO, him winning MitB in the first place was a mistake. It should've went to Cody. Sandow should've been given a good mid-card singles run with the IC title and been a top heel for the company from 2013 onward. I wouldn't have expected him to become the WHC at all, but a top heel and possible multi-time champion is all I would've asked for the guy.
  11. Absolutely wrecked over Sandow & Barrett being gone. The rest not so much.
  12. The Rhodes bros, Goldust, Undertaker, & Angle sets sound awesome. I'd buy those. I remember a Rhodes family DVD set being rumored for last year or the year before and still want it to this day.
  13. I just got Roddy Piper's "Hot Rod" shirt off Shop for 40% off. It's one of my favorite shirts of all time from one of my favorite Legends of all time, and I am so happy to finally own it. ^_^
  14. NXT TakeOver: Dallas spoiler B)
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