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curbstomp courtesy

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    Way too many.
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    Whatever floats my boat.
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    Long walks on the beach and professional wrestling.
  1. Heavy Machinery are officially on SmackDown btw
  2. Didn't realize it was a bug with AJ til I got on here. Explains why I couldn't get him.
  3. It's only when Maryse is his manager.
  4. Been using these for years and so happy to see them once again! Thank you so much! ^_^
  5. Welcome back! I updated these immediately the other night when you uploaded the formulas. Amazing sets!
  6. Sweet Sabbatelli and Moss, DL'd them yesterday. Gonna be a good addition in my NXT Universe.
  7. My character in career mode is always referred to as a female, and the MitB holder had the white briefcase instead of the green one.
  8. Noooo come on man, current attires are the way forward, please release what you currently have.I agree.
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