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  1. American History X is a fantastic movie all around
  2. It proved me wrong quite badly and I am not afraid to admit it. Loved season 3 and now I am looking forward to season 4
  3. Has anybody else watched No Country For Old Men? I just did and I gotta say that while I loved it,the 3rd act turned me completely off from it which resulted in me disliking as a final verdict.
  4. You're the one who asked about the future of those shows. Now you want to pretend like you know better than anyone else what could be happening? Why the *Censored* did you ask, if only to rattle off some bullshit statement about Marvel/Disney pulling the shows? Nothing you say makes any sense. I want to choke you with your own shoelaces. Dude...you have some anger issues
  5. Holy shit Archer is probably the best animation series I have ever watched. IMO it ranks above Rick and Morty (not saying RAM is bad or anything but Archer responds to my sense of humour better)
  6. It's Wyatt Russell.I took Beard's post for granted because I remembered that the actor was called Russell but the name couldn't come to mind. It would be very interesting though to see Kurt Russell in an episode of Black Mirror.
  7. Yes it is.I loved how smooth the "horror" part came into the episode. Also Wyatt's performance was phenomenal in my opinion.
  8. You're nuts lol. Every episode is still a lot better than your average thriller/horror film. Only one I wasn't big on was the final episode with the bees. But even that is considered amazing by most.. I thought the payoff of episode 1 and 3 was dissappointing to say the least. I feel like episode 1 didn't even have a payoff. I loved episode 2 and 4,right up until the end I thought that was an ultimate letdown making this whole amazing episode fall a little flat. Episode 5 was okay and I loved episode 6 but hated the happy-cheesy-hollywoodish ending.
  9. Finished season 3 of Black Mirror... Felt like a hit and miss season for me episode wise.
  10. Has anyone else checked out the "Hip-Hop Evolution" documentaryon Netflix? I just finished episode 1 and I love how informative it is about the origins of Hip-Hop
  11. Am I mistaken or did Netflix add the first 2 seasons of Lucha Underground? Cause I can't find it anywhere.Does it have something to do with the country I live in?
  12. Few days ago I got into Black Mirror and I have to say it is absolutely brilliant. The fact that each episode is a unique story and almost every single one is great says a lot. I have a question though.Today I finished season 2 and I learned that from season 3 and on the rights were bought by Netflix and it is considered a Netflix Original from now on.The question is,has the quality dropped or is it just as great? I put this here since it is considered a Netflix show from now on and I didn't find a thread for it.
  13. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! I know you would be interested man. This trailer looks epic and I am officially hyped.
  14. Fallen out of my love for playing video games? Never. Burned out on playing video games for short periods of time? Hell yes. Well you know what I mean by "love". That feeling when you start a new game and you get goosebumps because you are super hyped and excited.
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