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  1. Yeah that's why it caught my eye. There's a million of the same videos on YouTube but this one shows a nice side by side of the same match, animations etc. And I think 2K18 is certainly a step up after watching this. Exactly that, I mean, side by side screenshot comparison is a really good way to see the progress, but seeing a video with the SAME animations and characters really makes you apreciate every difference. Loved it, hope to see more of this kind of videos.
  2. I really liked the video! That was exactly what I wanted to see since I saw the first bunch of screenshots, now I'm 100% down with the lighting upgrade!
  3. Uploaded!!! Tags: Wrestlemania 33, Wrestlemania, shoshony Enjoy
  4. Thanks!!! I'll upload it soon if you want it
  5. Hello guys, after a long time missing i'm back with a Wrestlemania 33 creation, give me your opinnions and suggestions Hope you like it! PD: Some parts are from other creations, so credit to those who made them.
  6. All arenas uploaded also I made a WM X8 and I would like to see what you think about it in order to upload it !
  7. Wow guys thank you very much! I'll upload these tonight ! This motivates me to do more attires
  8. Enjoy and make your requests guys ! PD: I have every design on this attires as a photoshop format so if you want other attire I will make it as soon as possible Tags (I will order them as soon as possible ) : Edge blue, Shoshony, Jericho 2015, Y2J purple, Jericho Save me trunks, Save me, Foley 2000, Edge red, Y2J WM 24, Wrestlemania 24, JBL Gold, JBL APA, Y2J Chain trunks, Y2J, Y2J Chain tights, Y2J save us, Y2J, save us 222, Farooq APA, Big Show 2005, Y2J WM 25, Y2J chain trunks red, Y2J 2008, Foley Red, HBK WM 24, HBK, HBK WM 26, HBK
  9. Hey guys, I've seen on the community and there's a lot of SD arenas but all of them are really wierds so I made my own arena with the proper apron and the logo on the wall. I made also both RAW from 2004 and 2008 and the Smackdown 2002 arena. Tags: shoshony, RAW 2004, Smackdown 2002, RAW 2008, Wrestlemania XX, Wrestlemania, 22, Wrestlemania 26, Wrestlemania, 26, Wrestlemania 23, Wrestlemania 2000, Royal Rumble, 2006,Smackdown 2005, ------- UPDATE ----- RAW 2011 Also, I'm working on a SD 2011 and the first RAW in HD set Hope you like it ------------------------------ UPDATE: Wrestlemania 21 Goes Hollywood!!! ----------- UPDATE * New Backlash 2008 stage! (Tags: Backlash 2008, Backlash, Shoshony) ------------------ UPDATE What do you think about this WM24 stage? Also... Happy New Year ! Leave me your thoughts ! ------------------------- UPDATE This is my Wrestlemania X8 arena, its a really WIP version so let me your thoughts! RAW 2004 RAW 2008 SMACKDOWN 2002 SMACKDOWN 2005 Let me your thoughts UPDATE: I decided to do only one post with all my arenas so far, the tags are at the start of the post, so these are my others arenas: ROYAL RUMBLE 2006: WRESTLEMANIA 2000, XX, 22, 23, 26:
  10. Hey guys, so this is my Jericho with his WM 24 attire, unfornately I wasn't able to do the jacket but let me your opinions
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