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    Nonpoint & Powerman 5000, the good stuff you know?!
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    South Wales, UK, Europe, Earth.
  1. Im not a new member, but id like to anounce ive recentley changed my name, i used to be Prime Time Player! but i cleaned up my act when I introduced the Simon System into my life, only messing but when i was PTP people thought I had a gimmick which i didnt, also im going to stop much such an asshole on here
  2. Hi my name's Marcus. I've been on here for a while but i haven't introduced myself properly. 1st and for most sorry if ive rubbed any1 up in the wrong way by the way I sometimes type, i really enjoy it on here and i hope to make some new friends If anyone has any problems about anything really you can message me and ill be glad to help and just to speak to some1, thankyou all
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