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    Nonpoint & Powerman 5000, the good stuff you know?!
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    South Wales, UK, Europe, Earth.
  1. I hope his family lose all there money and become street bums.
  2. Corkscrew SSP Burning Hammer Fujiwara Armbar Sit Out Spinebuster Fandangos Diving Leg Drop
  3. He should re-open the Hall of pain, put every roster member in there and in the last episode of raw Mark Henry looks down the camera and screams "thas whut eye doo" credits come up and it says The End, no more WWE.
  4. This. I obviously dont know him personally, but Orton seems like a big bitch.
  5. I just think its one of the most piggish moves in this companys existance Moonsault 7.5/10 Next Muhammed Hassans Reverse STO
  6. Looks like its gunna suck, i have a sixth sence for these things peapul.
  7. it is fun playing as him isn't it? he's my IC champ right now. Ofcourse ts fun to play as him, he's the greatest thing ib humanities existance. in* cba to edit im on le phone
  8. This, also a fifa, saints row & uncharted nerd lol.
  9. All I have is a tongue bar, I love it. Forget its there most of the time but when I get nervous afew friends have noticed I start playing with it, habbits based around piercings is madness.
  10. Oh fair enuff lol, when I stopped taking stuff my Bipolar Disorder was worse than ever & I was paraniod.
  11. Or there a supplement for mental illness, take them everyday and your happy but it puts you into your own little world, lifes scary when you get back to the real world
  12. Ive always wondered since its an open top stadium, what if it starts raining really heavy?
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