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  1. Hello, I know this year with the game we don't have the option to upload entrances to community creations, but I was hoping someone would be able to create one for me and just send me the formulas or something so I can do it myself on my game? Im not too good with entrances but Trish's entrance is all wrong with the lighting and camera angles and timing so anyone who has the time I would really greatly appreciate the help. I included some video references hopefully it helps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCFiGHsXm6g
  2. i have a question i know we have the option to do rivalries now but can you still set up enemies and allies in My WWE ?
  3. A.J. / Randy Orton Aksana / Antonio Cesaro Lita / Edge Stephanie McMahon / HHH Summer Rae / Fandango Rated RKO ( w/ A.J. & Lita ) The Shield PTP The Bella Twins Batista & Flair ( Evolution ) The Wolf Pack ( Sheamus , Sgt . Slaughter & Wade Barret ) N . W . O . Kaos ( Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara )
  4. can we use the entrance of Lita & Edge from wrestlemania in Exhibition / Universe ? or is only the old animation available ?
  5. seeing that version of Lita with that face entrance makes me want to toss my MacBook like sheesh , it just makes me cringe and i hate how in CAE the camera cuts to show the crowd , ugh i'll need to find a replacement entrance for her
  6. The damage retention is for tournaments like the gold rush tournament! ohhhh okay , i got it now , thanks !
  7. so damage retention is for universe mode ? i don't quite understand what carry on means , like carry on in their match for next week's show ?
  8. Aksana is perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG people are saying the entrance lighting is wrong , what should it be ?
  9. AJ Lee Aksana Alicia Fox Brie Bella Cameron Kaitlyn Layla Naomi Natalya Nikki Bella Summer Rae Tamina Snuka WWE2k14 Default Roster: AJ Lee Aksana Kaitlyn Layla Natalya WWE2k14 DLC Roster: Brie Bella Nikki Bella Summer Rae Legends: Stephanie McMahon Lita Missing: Alicia Fox Cameron Naomi Tamina Snuka We are really complaining about 4 Divas Two of which (Cameron/Naomi) Recently started Wrestling and the Others (Alicia Fox/Tamina) Who haven't been on Television until recently. Before anybody bothers to mention, I refuse to refer to Eva Maria & Jojo as being on the Current WWE Roster. Cameron & Naomi did not just recently start wrestling
  10. TRUE! i guess they just figured they'd may as well make her playable since she's new DLC , which im glad they did , now i'll have to figure out how i want to book her
  11. especially since she just went into the HOF this year , and they already had a model of her , wwe gaming's logic will never make sense , that's a fact
  12. i for one can say that im very surprised by the DLC this year there are some nice additions , yet so many questions remain unanswered , im very upset because the diva roster is WEAK even with DLC , where the hell are the Funks & the queen TRISH STRATUS ?!!!
  13. I am the same way. Every year he has been in the game and they had a universe I have made him a free agent so I would never have to deal with him being in a feud. i wish they could find a good way to make weight detection work because i just can't play with characters like him without some sort of realism , it's just no use
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