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  1. I just finished The Last of Us for the first time. WOAH. Such an amazing game.
  2. Hence the love-hate I had for Jax 2. It was so much better than Jak 1. The improvements were great. The darker story and character development for Jak was great. But I'm on the same boat with you. The checkpoints sucked ass. >__< I just finished Jak 2 recently. I hated the mission where you use the jetboard to go up ramps and throw the bombs.
  3. Currently playing the Jak and Daxter collection on the Vita. Just finished the first one.
  4. Just experienced my first ever WWE event! Had a great time.
  5. Just finished reading it. I enjoyed it a lot.
  6. WWE 2k15 Just started playing Arkham City GOTY Edition. I'm enjoying it so far, but I'm pretty overwhelmed by the big map. Guess I'm not used to open world games anymore. I've also been trying to finish Rage but I always get headaches and feel dizzy when I play. Does anybody else experience this when playing?
  7. I'm currently playing Ys Memories of Celceta on the Vita. Really loving that game. On 360 i just finished Devil May Cry 2. Planning on playing Arkham Asylum before moving on to DMC3.
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