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  1. Yeah they actually have a new line and anime series called Zoids Wild. Came out a few months ago I think.
  2. I had a dream where I had a toy Zoid that can fly and breath fire. I was riding it while it flew around my room. Weird, but pretty cool.
  3. Shes gonna appear in the annual Arrowverse crossover episodes. I think after that theyll start developing her own series, depending on the fans reception.
  4. So excited for this! I just finished the first game for the first time last month. Really looking forward to this.
  5. I just finished The Last of Us for the first time. WOAH. Such an amazing game.
  6. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone can help me. So I just bought a ps4 and got COD Modern Warfare Remastered. I saw videos on Youtube and read on the inernet about new guns that comes with updates. So I just finished downloading the latest update, but there are no new guns. There are new maps but no new guns. I read about it on the internet but I couldn't get a complete answer. I just wanted to double check if the new guns are unlocked by playing online. I have never played online because my brothers and I always just play splitscreen with bots. I hope someone can clear this up for me. Thanks!
  7. I remember that! It was something about his Rage thing if I remember it right.
  8. I remember that! It was something about his Rage thing if I remember it right.
  9. I listened to Cena and Orton on E&C podcast and enjoyed them both a lot. I really enjoyed the part where Orton talks about his wife and kids. He seems like a cool guy. I laughed when Orton talked about Edge ingnoring him when he was backstage ( I think it was when Edge announced his retirement and they showed him walking backstage and shaking hands with people)
  10. Hence the love-hate I had for Jax 2. It was so much better than Jak 1. The improvements were great. The darker story and character development for Jak was great. But I'm on the same boat with you. The checkpoints sucked ass. >__< I just finished Jak 2 recently. I hated the mission where you use the jetboard to go up ramps and throw the bombs.
  11. even worse, bootleg Khali lmao y'all remember Jacob Novak tho? Didn't Novak have that model gimmick on NXT Redemption? I kina remember him being a bit different there.
  12. Currently playing the Jak and Daxter collection on the Vita. Just finished the first one.
  13. Shinsuke and AJ Styles are the themes usually stuck in my head.
  14. Got so used to it being called the backstabber, now it feels weird to call it the backcracker.
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