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Dont Feed The Parasprites

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    Kane/CM Punk
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    GUNS N' ROSES ARE THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME!!! First I have to say the current line up is Rose N' Roses and I do not support them, although Better is a REALLY good song. Also Avenged Sevenfold, Foreigner, Green Day, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Megadeth, The Cult, AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society, Hatebreed, Thriving Ivory, ect.
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    Anything from Dino's drive in.
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    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
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    Florida, USA
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    Well I'm a Brony, I freaking love My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I play lead guitar in a local band, A Timeless Ending. It's 80's style rock. I love WWE, raised up on it since I was a baby.

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  1. That's the thing I couldn't find a face texture! I forgot about 08s I feel like itd be better to use 07 since the full beard would mess up the 06 version
  2. Yeah exactly what I did for his shirt there's no sleeveless shirts that have the outlines and ingame circles kept turning white so I just got my own damn circles lmao Same with the triangles for his tights To be fair I tried to use the actual tights logo but the game didnt like that and made it blurry as hell so I had to improvise
  3. So I've been tinkering with this for a while and it's time to finally show my first CAW since 2K16 when I made Rhyno I'm not too sure about his moveset but I'm gonna tweak him tonight and do an early upload mainly for feedback. Anyways without further ado here he is
  4. Can someone tell me what The Eye Of The Hurricane is in this game? I'm currently using the Spin Headlock Elbow Drop but it just isnt doing it for me. Suggestions? I currently have his signatures as Spin Headlock Elbow Drop (Eye of the Hurricane) Single Knee Facebuster And Finishers Last Shot 2 (Shining Wizard) And Chokeslam 6 as his finishers The CAW has his his 2009 ECW attire and his 2006 WWE attire
  5. Well since either no one figured it out or wanted to help I figured it out. You just have to set the designs as face tattoos instead of facepaint and then it wont disappear in game. Crap mobile phone preview now Actual preview tomorrow in PS4 CAWS section For the record the attires were slightly different used a different shirt in the first and was comparing them
  6. How do you guys feel about these? I'm really happy with them tbh, they all feel so unique as opposed to a lot of the WWE current arenas which use mostly the same stage set up with just the graphics changed on the Trons. Do you hope they include more? Which one is your favorite? Mine is hands down Southpaw Wrestling it's just perfect. Without DLC I would say the Baseball Arena or the Winter one were the coolest Any ideas for future ones? Discuss.
  7. The images I'm using on my Hurricane CAW's face keep disappearing when I get in game and the designs I used on his shirt turn freaking white ugh
  8. I went through a lot of trouble to make a Hurricane CAW including making all the textures myself. The attire turns out fine except the circle designs I put around his shirts sleeves and collar keep turning white. Then the mask. I put it on as facepaint and it disappears when I go in game. The designs i put on for the eye holes/paint and the sides of the mask that got blurry because my texture is gonna look awful if I split it in half so it blurs at the sides which is easily covered by designs that keep turning freaking white. Like what do I do? I'm at my wits end can someone please help me? All the Hurricane CAWS on the PS4 side look awful imo and most have the default face. I at least morphed his face with references even though I don't have a face texture. Anyways tldr game is making me big sad
  9. Honestly I highly doubt that The Ascension will be in that pack especially since they've both just been released.
  10. HULKAMANIA IS RUNNING WILD ON PS4 BROTHER. 20th SmackDown Anniversary pack is available now! I hate how his alternate attires are bugged as far as the shirt and the boas are concerned, LOVE Chyna too kinda wish they had fashioned her a set of trons
  11. Him and Chyna were a huge selling point for me on 2K20 but I didn't have enough for the deluxe edition before release FMLPlus I didn't really care for the season pass thing I just wanted the legends pack since they're clearly the only additional superstars we're getting besides The Fiend.
  12. Any update on Hogan being available for standard US PS4 owners? I wanna play as Hogan already he's in every other store but US PlayStation Store like wtf
  13. What platform are you on? It hasn't worked on PS4 except glitchy in post match replays
  14. Singapore Cane shots are now broken on PS4, well specifically the standing shot to the head. When doing it you hit them they no sell it then you automatically hit them again and then they fall down it's dumb af. I tried using all the weapon skins as well as default and they're all busted. Also hair dye on edited superstars isn't working. I made a 2015 Heel Rollins attire and his hair is still all black when I get in the game yet it's half and half in the selection screen. And SmackDown 20th Anniversary pack isn't available on US PlayStation Store yet it's on all the other PS Stores, Steam, Xbox One/Microsoft
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